Most Trusted DHgate Sellers with Highest Rating 2024 | 18 Reliable Stores

by Tim Howard

Looking for some cheap yet quality clothes to wear? Maybe some makeup too? You’ll get it all in DHgate. And not only makeup and clothes but, DHgate has everything starting from electronics to home décor and from automobile to outdoor items – all at affordable prices. 

DHgate is one of the biggest Chinese e-commerce sites after Aliexpress that has a wide variety of collections across categories, to cater to the tastes of all kinds of customers across the world.

Founded by Diane Wang and headquartered in Beijing, China this site offers an overwhelming number of choices to its customers. So it might be an ordeal to find out the best sellers who can provide you top-notch quality without burning a hole in your pocket. 

To make your day easier, we have rounded up a list of top sellers of DHgate in this article. Scroll down to find out the names you should look for while exploring the site. 

Store NameLink to Store
Lacoste Polo FashionVisit Store
Yaya BBVisit Store
Cinda 02Visit Store
Blueberry 12Visit Store
Space Jam ShoesVisit Store
Boost 700 V2Visit Store
Jumpman ShoesVisit Store
BtimeVisit Store
Xiaomi YoupinVisit Store
iZesoVisit Store
FlydreamVisit Store
EttosportsVisit Store
Top Merchant JerseyVisit Store
Red&BlackVisit Store
Brand KidsVisit Store
iBestshoppingmallVisit Store
Arthur032Visit Store

Top DHgate Sellers 2024

Electronics are now an unavoidable part of our lives. From headphones to mobile accessories and facial massagers or household tools, Dhgate has almost every electronic product that you need in our day to day affairs. Following sellers offers the best yet most affordable electronics. 

Xiaomi Youpin

Top DHgate Sellers

This popular smart-home store brings you some fascinating products like smartwatches, electric toothbrushes, e-bikes, Mi TV stick, e-locks and much more.

The store has more than 98% positive feedback from its customers and offers exciting discounts on every purchase. You can also buy vacuum cleaners and security cameras from this seller. 

Check out the store here


If you are a music connoisseur then a simple earphone just doesn’t work for you.The Arthur store sells earbuds, Tv boxes, remote controls, smart bulbs, portable speakers and more.

This store has a 98.8% positive rating and 19,000+ transactions.


When it comes to mobile phone accessories, iBestshoppingmall is second to none. They offer chap yet superior quality tempered glasses, phone cases, car chargers and much more.

The jaw-dropping prices and fast shipping services make this brand one of the most sought after names in DHgate. 

Check out the store here


The iZeso store on DHgate is one of my favorite places to visit when i’m in search of new accessories for all my gadgets. The store boasts a whopping 100% satisfaction rating which is something many DHgate sellers strive for. 

I guess the reason why iZeso has been able to maintain such a good reputation over the last 8 years is because their products are always made from high quality materials and they are much cheaper than their competitors.

I’ve noticed that people keep flocking to this store because it gets some of the best AirPods clones in the market and they even supply cases for AirPods, charging bricks, earphones, phone holders, tempered glass and much more.

While the main advantage of shopping from iZeso is the low pricing and top quality materials, the drawback is that they don’t have a vast collection of products to choose from.


Flydream is one of the largest stores on DHgate gadgets and electronic devices such as gaming accessories, headphones, earphones, trimmers, chargers and even mobile batteries.

The store has a 97.6% positive rating from over 16k sales till date and are considered to be extremely trustworthy and reliable. Some of their best selling items are the black and gold men’s hair trimmer and the Mini wireless keyboard.

Brand Kids Store

Brand Kids is a Chinese manufacturer which deals in good quality toys for children and toddlers. They even specialize in household products for mothers, swimsuits, children’s clothes and more.

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While most of their inventory consists of branded products, they are available on discount and can be grabbed at a cheaper rate than on competing websites.

This store has over 98.4% satisfaction rating on DHgate and they’re one of the best stops for everything you’ll need for your child.

Be it for an office meeting or a wedding party, choosing the right apparels is of utmost importance as it creates the first impression. The following sellers offer you the best and stylish clothes at surprisingly reasonable rates.


Got a beach vacation planned but don’t have the right clothes? Worry no more because Cinda02 has everything you need. One of the oldest stores on this e-commerce site, Cinda02 offers a massive collection of trendy and fashionable summer wear, swimsuits and bikinis.

They also manufacture polo shirts, blazers and hip hop tops. Fashion accessories and clothes of kids are available in this store too. Cinda02 has 97% positive feedback from the customers and offers great discounts on every purchase.

Check out the store here

Now that you have got your apparels, you have to search for some classy and comfortable shoes to match with the look. So here are some of the best shoe sellers that you will find in Dhgate.

Top Trusted Sellers | High Rated Sellers | Dhgate | Electronics | Apparel | Watches | Shoes | Review

Luxury Shoes

Top DHgate Sellers

Among all the shoe sellers up on DHgate, Luxury shoes is definitely one of the most reputed and largest vendors online. This store focuses primarily on running sneakers, but you can find all kinds of different types of footwear up for sale.

Luxury Shoes currently has a massive 97.8% satisfaction score and they have sold well over 50k pairs of shoes and sneakers till date. Whether you’re looking for running shoes, walking shoes, formal shoes, slippers or sandals, Luxury shoes has them all.

Space Jam Shoes

With nearly 97% feedback from the DHgate customers, Space Jam Shoes is dedicated to the production and development of Sports Shoes. Their sneakers can be worn by both men and women and perfect for work out sessions or even long runs.

The upper material of this long lasting shoes are made of PU Canvas Mesh PVC Genuine Leather while the insole and outsole material consists of EVA PU TPR Rubber PVC.

The shoes are extremely comfortable and work smoothly on hard courts. Available in seven different sizes, these flat sneakers have an average price of $50 for six pairs of shoes.

The manufacturer offers free shipping and accepts payments through debit and credit cards. Comfortable crocs are also designed by this seller but the most interesting thing about Space Jam Shoes is that they offer the customers a wide variety of choices in color and design.

Check out the store here

Boost700 V2

One of the hot favorites among the Dhgate customers, Boost 700 V2 provides top quality products at jaw-dropping ranges. The main products manufactured by this seller include loafers, boat shaped shoes, unisex sneakers and much more. The shoes are trendy and are perfect for casual wears.

Mostly made of rubber, mesh and cotton fabric, these are smooth on concrete floors and are suitable for round shaped toes.

They are waterproof and have creative designs made of appliques. The shoes are available in six different sizes and customers can choose from a wide variety of colors. They have an average price range of $30 for more than 6 pairs.

Check out the store here

Jumpman Shoes

Top DHgate Sellers

With more than a whopping 11,000 transactions across international markets, Jumpman Shoes is one of the biggest and most reputed names among the DHgate shoe sellers. This company focuses on the production, development and selling of basketball and running shoes.

These quality sneakers are designed to cater to men’s fashion tastes and preferences. They are flat and mostly the upper material is made of PU Canvas Mesh PVC Genuine Leather that long lasting and comfortable.

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The insole, outsole and lining material used for these shoes are EVA PU TPR Rubber PVC and PU Mesh PVC Cotton Fabric Genuine Leather, respectively.

The materials used to develop the Jumpman Shoes make them breathable and therefore, convenient for any kind of heavy work out session or long distance runs.

The shoes mostly have a medium cut, a lace-up closure type and are perfect for spring and fall seasons. Customers can choose from 8 different sizes and hundreds of different designs and colors.

Jumpman shoes are sold at an average cost of $50 (for 6+ pairs) and offer jaw-dropping discounts as well.

Check out the store here

Air Basketball

Air Basketball is one of the leading sellers on DHgate with over 50k sales till date. They specialize mainly in professional sports shoes and everything they offer are made in China. From basketball shoes to football studs, they have everything you’d need to feel comfortable while playing your favorite sport.

The store boasts a high 99.9% satisfaction rating, and with over 10 years on DHgate, they’re considered to be one of the most reliable sources for high quality footwear under $100.

Etto Sports

Looking for a wide collection of jerseys and hoodies to choose from? Then head over to the Etto Store on DHgate and pick up one of their fine looking high-quality jerseys and hoodies.

Based in Guangdong, China, Etto has grown over the years and is currently one of the top rated vendors on DHgate for sports apparel. They’ve been around for 5 years and have a solid 99.4% satisfaction rating from over 88k sales till date.

They specialize in soccer and football jerseys, basketball jerseys, home and away team jerseys as well as they accept customizations so you can get your name printed on the jersey or your team members name on a custom jersey. Everything here doesn’t cost over $25, so they’re not only a decent quality brand, but they’re cheap an affordable too.

Top Merchant Jersey

Established in 2018 and based in Fujian China, this store offers the latest trends in reasonable prices. Don’t be deceived by the name because they have women’s apparels too.

The clothes they offer are cheap yet stylish and have a wide variety to choose from. With more than one million transactions and 98% positive feedback, Men’s Up Store is surely a hit among the DHgate customers.

Check out the store here

A watch on the wrist is a style statement – and a very important and elegant one. So in case you are looking for some of the high quality yet affordable watches, then let us make your work a little bit easier.

Here’s the top watch sellers offering both digital smart watches and analogue clocks, on Dhgate that are huge hits among young and adults alike.


Based in Guangdong, China, Btime was established in 2015. The company is known for delivering quality in style. The analogue watches manufactured by BTime are glamourous and have a wide variety of designs that caters to all kinds of tastes and preferences.

They also offer brands like Rolex and Vacheron Constantin watches on up to 50% discount. The seller has had over 25000 transactions for the last few years and has received 96.4% positive feedback from the customers.

Check out the store here


These amazing, high quality watches are meant for those who prefer simple yet tasteful styles. With more than 4000 transactions across international markets and 96% positive feedback, this watch seller is one among the most reputed manufacturers of DHgate.

The supplier offers a wide array of variants of brands like Casio and Rolex. The most amazing thing about Luxurywatches is that it offers up to 50% discount on all products.

The price of the watches range from 2000-5000 rupees and cater to all kinds of tastes and choices. Both digital and analogue timepieces are manufactured by this seller and are water and shock resistant.

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The digital watches have various features like alarm setting, complete calendar, weekly displays, chronographs and much more. Luxurywatches therefore, serve as the perfect accessories to enhance the look.

Check out the store here


Red&Black is a premium cosmetics supplier on DHgate and they have been around for the last 4 years. It’s one of the most well known stores for all kinds of makeup and cleansing tools.

Most of their products are made from natural ingredients and they are really affordable for those who wish to buy makeup in bulk. Though the store only has sold a few products over their time on DHgate they have a solid 100% positive rating which means that their makeup is safe to use.

You can find different types of eye shadow, cleansing foam, blush, lipstick, foundation and more and the best part is none of their makeup products cost more than $30 while some cost as low as $5 – $6.

Check out the store here

Kation Shop

If you’re in the market for some well priced phone cases, earbuds and accessories, then I recommend checking out Kation shop on DHgate.

They deal primarily in cell phone accessories and have a wide range of products and designs to choose from. Each phone case is crafted to fit the designated phone perfectly and as for the earbuds, they tend to use the latest technology while offering them at affordable prices.

With over 8 years in the market and a fantastic satisfaction rating of 98.8%, Kation shop is your go-to if you want to spruce up your phone.

Dhgate also has a wide collection of brand replicas, bridal items and fancy jewelries. Miss How Dress, Magic Glasses and Dress Save al lthe names you should look for, in case you need to buy some bridal dresses. Wide Supplier is one of the best sunglasses sellers found in this e-commerce site. So hurry up and get the products you need from our recommendations. 

Tips for Shopping on DHgate

  • The first and most important thing to do is to verify the authenticity of the seller and go through any reviews that have been left behind by their earlier customers. This is important because you need to first understand if the seller you want to buy from is reliable and has very few complaints. Make sure to steer clear from brand new sellers as they will not have enough positive reviews and we will not be able to confirm if the quality of their products are good or not.
  • The next thing to do is to check the sellers profile and see if there are surveys or evaluations that have been done for their products and store. You will be able to check if audits have been carried out recently and also the frequency of them so you’ll then get an understanding of whether or not their products are getting checked and have been verified by a governing body.
  • Sometimes you may not be able to find a particular product especially if it’s branded. The only way you can find something you want on DHgate is by using specific keywords such as the model name or number of the product.
  • I would also recommend getting in touch with a seller before making a purchase if you have doubts or questions about what they’re selling. Asking a seller questions about their product will show you whether or not they know what they are selling and this way you will also find out whether the seller is genuine or not based on the way they reply.

Is DHgate a reliable website to buy from?

Yes, DHgate is a completely safe platform to shop from and they are one of the best in the market for cheap and affordable goods. We recommend checking out DHgate if you want some pretty decent deals, fast shipping, buyer guarantees and a smooth user interface.

You can refer to our list of the best DHgate sellers above for more information on what to look for and which stop to buy from. Whatever you do, always ensure you stay safe on the platform and do not pay for orders through third-party links that some sellers might send across.

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