DHgate NFL Jerseys Review 2024 | Knock Off NFL Jersey Reviews

by Tim Howard

For NFL fans looking to support their favorite teams and players without breaking the bank, finding affordable merchandise is key.

The quest for high-quality yet cheap NFL jerseys often leads fans to explore options beyond the official team stores, with China being a popular destination for budget-friendly sports apparel. Understanding where to find these cost-effective alternatives without compromising on authenticity and quality is essential.

Here’s a guide that navigates through the various vendors offering cheap NFL jerseys from China, ensuring you get the best deal for your dollar while still rocking your team’s colors with pride.

Seller 1

Seller 2

Seller 3

StoreTypes of Jerseys AvailableSize Range
New_Style_JerseysNFL (Tampa Bay, Cincinnati Bearcats)L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL
Big King ShopNFL (Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Packers)L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL
Flying Jersey 88 StoreNFL (Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles)L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL
David Jersey StoreNFL (LSU, various other sports)L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL
Yeezyaj_JerseysNFL (various)S, M, L, XL, XXL
Any JerseysNFL, NHL, NBA, MLB (customizable)S, M, L, XL, XXXL
Wholesale Jersey ChinaNFL (various)S, M, L, XL, XXXL
Lin66088 StoreNFL (Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, various)S, M, L, XL, XXXL

Best Fake NFL Jersey

Let’s look at a few jerseys. Some have been purchased by me and some have been purchased by my friends. These are your super cheap $20 Jerseys. This is how they look.

Here’s another $20 Brady Jersey

fake nfl jersey dhgate

Purely, in terms of quality. I think the DHgate jerseys are top draw. For the price, they are amazing and considering the jerseys change every year, this is a very good budget option.

The NFL Dhgate jerseys have the NFL Logo, good quality stitching and the colors are on point. The numbers are perfectly sized and raised. From inside and out, these NFL jerseys are amazing.

Cheap NFL Jerseys China – DHhgate Sellers 

Based on my research, the stores below have some of the finest jerseys at the best possible prices.

These jerseys ship to the US at a cost of $6 per packet and it works out cheaper, if you buy in bulk. 


tom brady jersey from china

The New_Style_Jerseys store is another top jersey store that caters to jerseys from all sports that includes NFL jerseys. Their most popular product in NFL jerseys is the Tampa Bay jerseys and the Cincinnati Bearcats jersey. 

They are a Top Brand store and have a 98.9% positive rating with over 26,000+ successful transactions on their store. 

Ships to the US? Yes, via ePacket

Sizes Available : L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL 

Check out the store here on DHgate 

Big King Shop 

popular nfl jerseys from china

The Big King shop is a DHgate recognized ‘Superior’ store that keeps updating their jerseys. They sell cheap NFL jerseys of Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Packers and more. 

They have a 97.9% rating and over 10,000+ transactions. Their jerseys cost around $15 to $19 for one jersey. And it’s obviously cheaper when you buy in bulk as DHgate deals with wholesale NFL jerseys too. 

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Ships to the US? Yes, via ePacket

Sizes Available : L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL 

Check out the store here on DHgate 

Flying Jersey 88 Jersey Store Dhgate

atlanta falcons jersey from china

The Flying Jersey 88 store is probably the most popular jersey store on DHgate. They are a top rated store with a 98.5% positive rating and over 49,280+ transactions. One of their popular NFL jersey products is the Atlanta Falcons jersey and the other is the Philadelphia Eagles jersey. 

Ships to the US? Yes, via Epacket 

Sizes Available : L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL 

Check out the store here on DHgate 

David Jersey Store 

LSU tigers jersey from China

The David Jersey Store is a top seller on DHgate with over 20,000+ transactions and a 99.4% rating. They are a super popular store and have been around for more than 3 years on Dhgate. 

They are known for their LSU jerseys and apart from NFL jerseys, they sell jerseys of other sports like Baseball, Basketball and hockey. 

Ships to the US? Yes, via Epacket 

Sizes Available : L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL 

Check out the store here on DHgate 

Drew Brees Jersey Dhgate

new orlenas saints jersey china

If you are a big Drew Brees fan, then you can check out the link below and there you can also find cheap jerseys of New Orleans saints and cheap Alvin Kamara Jersey, Michael thomson jersey amongst others.  

Check out the jerseys on DHgate

Aaron Rodgers Jersey DHgate

If you don’t want to spend too much on an Aaron Rodgers jersey, especially when buying in bulk, check out this collection of cheap green bay packers jerseys. 

green bay packers jersey from china

Check out the jerseys on DHgate

JJ Watt Jersey Dhgate

houston texans jersey from china

Big Houston Texans fan? Then check out these good quality Houston Texans jerseys that are super cheap too. That includes the JJ Watts jersey apart from Deshaun, Deandre and others. 

Check out the jerseys on DHgate

Odell Beckham Junior Jersey Dhgate

odell bekham jersey from china

Cleveland Browns jerseys are all too popular and that includes Odell Beckham’s jerseys. You can get it here for cheaper and also you can get a hold of Mayfield’s jersey, Edelman’s jersey and more. 

Check out the jerseys on DHgate

Cheap New England Patriots Jerseys 

new england patriots jersey from china

There is no NFL without the New England Patriots and if you are in the market for either wholesale jerseys of New England Patriots or even one off pieces that are cheaper, then you can check out the link below. 

Check out the jerseys on DHgate

Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey

pittsburgh steelers jersey from china

The Pittsburgh steelers have one of the best jerseys in the NFL and you can get cheap jerseys of Conner, Fitzpatrick and others in the link below! 

Check out the jerseys on DHgate

cheap nfl jerseys from china

Check out the jerseys on DHgate

Soccer Jersey Dhgate


One of the best stores for soccer jersey on Dhgate is the aptly named Soccer Jersey store. It’s the best selling fake soccer jersey store on Dhgate. They are a Top Seller and have a 99% positive feedback.

You can find jerseys of the biggest clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus and also the jerseys of the national team.

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Check it out on Dhgate


Yeezyaj_Jerseys is a high-quality online store found on DHgate that houses a wide variety of jerseys to choose from. This store has some of the best prices in the business and is a professional NFL clothing merchant. They are rather new and have been running for a little over a year with a satisfaction rating of 99.2% from over 2.5K sales till date.

Their products are available in the price range of $10 – $16 on average but since they are a wholesale business, they offer discounted prices on their products depending on the quantity you buy. All the jerseys listed on their page are segregated based on the type of sporting event and their products are available in all sizes made from high-quality materials.

Ships to the US? Yes, via ePacket

Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Check out their store here on DHgate

Any Jerseys

Any Jerseys is a China based company on DHgate that houses a range of jerseys from NFL, NHL to even NBA and Baseball. This store has been functioning for over 5 years and comes with loads of experience in the field. They have successfully processed and fulfilled over 23K orders till date and have a satisfaction rating of 98.8%.

Most of their products might seem a little more expensive than the other stores on this list and that could be due to the fact that each jersey has been made from the best materials available. Each jersey is customizable and apart from choosing the size of the jersey, you’re able to pick the player and number, along with the color of the jersey. 

Ships to the US? Yes, via ePacket

Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXXL

Check out their store here on DHgate

Wholesale Jersey China Store

The Wholesale Jersey China Store has been around for a little over 6 years and are one of the trusted suppliers on DHgate if you are in search of high quality NFL and football jerseys. You will be able to find home and away jerseys of footballers like Matthew Stafford, Joe Burrow, Taylor Heinicke and even Patrick Mahomes.

These NFL jerseys are cheap and affordable, so you can expect a high quality copy of any team jersey to cost around $15-$25 per piece. The seller offers customizations and you can have your own name and team logos added at no extra charge.

Ships to the US? Yes, via ePacket

Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXXL

Check out the store here on DHgate

Lin66088 Store

The Lin66088 store on DHgate houses some of the most unique football jerseys known to man. The store has been operating for 4 years and have received DHgates superior seller verification. Here you will be able to choose from over 100 different jerseys that feature some of the most epic players of all time.

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Based on what I found, their most popular jerseys are the Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson jersey. Now, these jerseys are made from high quality polyester and are available in multiple sizes and colors. The seller provides discounts on bulk orders and you can even request to have your own custom names added to orders if you buy over 15 pieces. Lin66088 has a good 99.1% satisfaction rating, so do check them out as you won’t regret buying from them.

Ships to the US? Yes, via ePacket

Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXXL

Check out the store here on DHgate

Where can I buy fake NFL jerseys?

If you are looking for replica NFL jerseys, then one of the best replica jersey stores is DHgate. They sell NFL jerseys at a fraction of the cost of the original jerseys and the quality is great. Dhgate is a wholesale platform and if you are looking for NFL replica jerseys in bulk or custom NFL jerseys in bulk for your team, then the best site is DHgate. 

 Where to buy Cheap NFL Jerseys?

DHgate has the best collection of Cheap NFL jerseys. They have a good collection, good price and also solid customer service. Your transactions are protected by DHgate Buyer’s Guarantee and hence you can buy high quality cheap jerseys for a fraction of the cost. 

How much do you save by buying these NFL jerseys from China?

You save at least $30 per jersey. One of these jerseys on Amazon

Is it safe to buy Jerseys from Dhgate?

DHgate has sellers who sell their products in wholesale and DHgate acts as a middleman to ensure there are no issues between the seller and buyer. There are refund policies, buyer protection guarantees and more.

How do you find the right NFL Jersey seller on DHgate? 

This is where it takes a bit of researching and analyzing to find the right sellers. This is where I come in. I’ve listed the best DHgate NFL jersey sellers and also listed out the best individual jerseys for teams and players. So if you are looking for Tom Brady’s jersey or Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys, it’s listed below :) 

Where can I find cheap NFL jerseys?

There are so many online sites that sell Cheap NFL jerseys, but if you need good quality, then you can find them in Chinese wholesale jersey stores. Their expertise is in making super high quality NFL jerseys. So don’t look further than China for your jersey needs! 

Are jerseys from DHgate good?

Jerseys from Dhgate are unparalleled. If you see a lot of reddit threads on fake dhgate jerseys, you’ll clearly see so many examples of people who can’t recognise the real one from the fake one. Not only from a perspective of NFL jerseys, but also NHL jerseys and soccer jerseys and basketball jerseys. Dhgate is the go to destination for fake jerseys.

What jersey sizes are available on DHgate?

In most cases the sizes of the NFL jerseys match American standards, however there are a few products that are either too loose or too tight. Luckily, the sellers mentioned above offer all sizes ranging from Small to even 52-XXL.

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