Top 5 Toy Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

by Tim Howard

Getting into the toy business is not a small feat. You need the right manufacturers and suppliers that you can rely on and work with if you want to be successful and turn a profit.

The easiest option would be finding a toy manufacturer in the US, but they’re all expensive to work with. The Chinese market is perfect for you, especially if you want good toys that are cheap, certified safe for children and made from high quality materials.

With the toy industry growing at an exponential rate, it only makes sense to target this particular niche. If you’re looking for the best toy manufacturers and suppliers in China then this is the place for you.

I’ve uncovered 5 manufacturers and suppliers in China that come highly recommended for their years of experience in the industry and the number of certifications they carry.

They manufacture custom toys as well, so if you have a design of your own then you can turn that into a real toy that you can sell in your store.

Let’s take a quick look at the 5 top toy manufacturers and suppliers in China, across platforms like AliExpress and Alibaba.

List of Toy Manufacturers and Suppliers in ChinaYears ActiveMain Product CategoriesCertifications
Hape International13+ yearsEducational, Pretend Play, Dolls, VehiclesFSC, ISO, GSV
Shantou Dihua Trading17+ yearsElectronic Toys, Educational Toys, PlushiesBSCI, FCC, ISO
Yiwu Haohao Import And Export5 yearsPlushies, Puzzles, Pretend Play ToysTÜV Rheinland, UKCA
Zhejiang Taixing Kid Toy6+ yearsWooden Toys, Pretend Play, EducationalFSC, ISO, EN71
Ningbo General Union4 yearsOutdoor Games, Indoor Games, Beach ToysISO9001, ISO14001

Top 5 Toy Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Hape International (Ningbo) Ltd.

Top Toy Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Hape International is one of the longest-serving toy manufacturers and suppliers in China. They have been working with Alibaba for 13+ years now. And over the period they have been one of the most reputed toy manufacturers and suppliers. 

Hape International produces and supplies many different types of toys. You can choose from educational, pretend play, dolls, vehicles to name a few, there are many more you can find on their store page. All of these toys are designed to be safe, high quality, and interesting for kids and tweens. 

Alibaba has provided Hape International with a Supplier Index rating of four diamonds out of five. This is the highest Supplier Index rating I have come across for a toy manufacturer and supplier on the site. Over 13 years of service, Hape International has managed to maintain an impressive Response Time of fewer than 6 hours and a Response Rate of 96.34%.

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Hape International employs over 500 people who are all focused on developing, manufacturing, and supplying toys around the world. The company has received all top certifications like FSC, ISO, GSV, and more. You can trust Hape International to offer the highest quality toy products. 

Shantou Dihua Trading Co., Ltd.

Best Toy Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Shantou Dihua Trading shares many similarities with Hape International, and that is why it is featured on this list. Like Hape International, Shantou Dihua has been with Alibaba for a long time. They have been active on the site for 17+ years now, making them one of the if not the oldest toy manufacturers and suppliers in China on Alibaba.

And just like Hape, Shantou Dihua has an impressive Supplier Index rating of four diamonds awarded by Alibaba. Shantou Dihua has a Response Time of 6 hours (maximum) and a  Response Rate of 95.43%, and for a company that’s so huge and so old, it is extraordinary. 

What differs for Shantou Dihua Trading when compared to Hape is that they deal in different kinds of toys. Shantou Dihua deals in a lot of electronic toys like Remote Control (RC) drones, helicopters, robots, vehicles, and more. They also have other educational toys, plushies, pretend play toys, and more if you need them. 

Shantou Dihua Trading has been rated highly by customers and has done tons of successful transactions. They have state-of-the-art facilities for research, manufacturing, and supply, you can check these in their profile. They are highly reputed and have BSCI, FCC, ISO, and more certifications. It is no surprise that they are featured in this list of top manufacturers and suppliers in China. 

Yiwu Haohao Import And Export Co., Ltd.

The Yiwu Haohao Import And Export company is much newer compared to the others on this list. They have only been active since 2019 but they have been popular during this period thanks to a large catalog of high-quality toys and other products. 

The company doesn’t exclusively deal in toys, but toys make up a huge portion of the product list. You can find plushies, puzzles, pretend play toys, and more. The company also has home supplies, textiles, gardening supplies, and more if you are interested. 

Yiwu Haohao has been verified by TÜV Rheinland just like the others on this list. And Alibaba has given them four diamonds out of five which is impressive since the company has been on there only for a couple of years now. One area that Yiwu Haohao could improve is in their response quality as they have only an 84.72% Response Rate and a Response Time of 9 hours. 

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The company has been certified with UKCA and doesn’t have many employees, but they are run professionally. Yiwu Haohao is a popular and upcoming toy manufacturer and supplier, so if you are interested, be sure to check them out.  

Zhejiang Taixing Kid Toy Co., Ltd.

Cheap Toy Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

The Zhejiang Taixing Kid Toy Company may not be as old as Hape or Shantou, but they have been very popular, just like Yiwu Haohao. Zhejiang Taixing has been on Alibaba for 6+ years now, making them older than some on the list but still fairly younger than veterans like Hape.

What makes Zhejiang Taixing one of the top toy manufacturers and suppliers is its huge library of toys that are of excellent quality. They almost exclusively deal in kid’s toys, which are made from wood. They have pretend play toys like kitchens, dollhouses, supermarkets, and more among educational toys too. 

The company has sold products worth more than a million dollars on Alibaba which means they have a lot of trusted customers. The company also has state-of-the-art facilities for manufacturing toys. Zhejiang Taixing has been certified with FSC, ISO, and EN71 as well.

Overall Zhejiang Taixing is a good option you can look at if you are interested in toys either to buy for yourself or for bulk orders that you can later use for your business. These may be a bit on the lower side compared to other manufacturers on this list, but they are still commendable and worth looking at, especially for their unique product catalog. 

Ningbo General Union Co., Ltd.

Ningbo General Union is also a new store on Alibaba, it is just 2 years old but they are a part of the group that runs Hape and other popular toy stores on Alibaba. They primarily work as suppliers and delegate developing and manufacturing to other companies that are under their group. 

Ningbo General Union deals in toys that are more suited for teens, young adults, and even adults too. Their main product line features outdoor games, novelty indoor games, beach toys, music, and educational toys too. They have a huge catalog of a variety of interesting toys that are of high quality. 

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The company has a Supplier Index rating of three diamonds, and this is surprisingly impressive since they have been on Alibaba for only 2 years now. They have a good Response Rate of 89.49% and a decent 8h Response Time. The company also has multiple ISO certifications like ISO9001, ISO 14001, and more. 

Overall, Ningbo General Union is an upcoming supplier that is already popular and has conducted a lot of successful deals. They are well rated and have a good operation. They are easily the best in the business in the products they deal with. So make sure to take a look at the company’s profile and page. 

Toy Manufacturers and Suppliers in China FAQs

How to choose the best toy manufacturers and suppliers on Alibaba?

Searching for the best toy manufacturers can be a hard task given the competition and the number of brands competing. One benefit of tough competition is that no brand can be complacent, meaning most brands are good. But if you want the work with the absolute best brands then, use these factors to decide;

Supplier Index Rating – This is a rating system developed by Alibaba that rates brands on Alibaba using diamonds. Supplier Index ratings can vary from 0 to 5 diamonds, with 0 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest. 

Supplier Index rating factors in the quality of presentation, products, transactions, and service to provide a rating for brands. So the higher the better. Make sure to check if the brand you are working with has a high supplier index rating. 

Response Time and Rate – Response Time and Rating is how fast a brand responds to customers. Response time is the average time it takes for the brand to respond to a customer so the lower the better. And Response Rate is the percentage of customers the brand responds to over a fixed time period, so the higher the better.

Is it good to import toys from China?

Yes, it is because China is a manufacturing giant and they produce tons of toys that are sold in all parts of the world. They offer high-quality products at low prices. But you need to make sure you find good reputed manufacturers and suppliers. The above list has some of the best if you want a head start. 

How to know which Toy Manufacturers and Suppliers in China are Good for my Market/Region?

If you are wondering whether a certain toy manufacturer will be good for your business in your region, you don’t have to worry. On Alibaba, you can check the brands profile you are interested in working with and check what markets they primarily deal in. This way you’ll know if the brand works in your region.


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