Where Are Merrell Shoes Made in 2023

by Tim Howard

The Merrell brand has a long-standing reputation for delivering durable, high-quality footwear. 

But where exactly are these popular shoes made? With the global shift in manufacturing, many wonder if Merrell still holds its “Made in the USA” status. 

Let’s delve deep into the brand’s history, manufacturing locations, and more to answer your questions about Merrell shoes.

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Where Are Merrell Shoes Made?

Where Are Merrell Shoes Manufactured Today?

Where Are Merrell Shoes Manufactured Today?

Merrell shoes are produced in a variety of locations, including the United States, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia. 

The brand’s commitment to quality hasn’t changed, even as it has diversified its production facilities across the globe. 

While some consumers hold a special place in their hearts for products manufactured in America, Merrell’s global approach ensures a wide-reaching supply chain, which is crucial for meeting customer demands worldwide.

The location varies depending on the specific shoe model.

United States:

  • Produced mainly in Utah.
  • Often made with high-quality materials and construction.
  • Generally more expensive.


  • Major hub for Merrell’s production.
  • Good quality and performance.
  • Typically less expensive than U.S.-made options.


  • Also a significant manufacturing location.
  • Most affordable options.
  • Quality may not be as high as in other countries.


  • Original manufacturing location for Merrell.
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • Usually the most expensive option.

Are Merrell Shoes Still Made in the USA?

Are Merrell Shoes Still Made in the USA?

No, Merrell shoes are not made in the USA anymore. Merrell is an American company that was founded in 1981, but it has been owned by Wolverine Worldwide since 1997. 

Wolverine Worldwide is a global footwear company that manufactures shoes in a variety of countries, including Vietnam, China, and Indonesia.

Merrell still has a presence in the USA, with headquarters in Rockford, Michigan, and a distribution center in Salt Lake City, Utah. However, the company’s shoes are no longer made in the USA.

There are a few reasons why Merrell moved its manufacturing overseas. One reason is that it is cheaper to manufacture shoes in countries like Vietnam and China. Another reason is that there is a large pool of skilled labor in these countries.

The move to overseas manufacturing has been controversial, with some consumers arguing that it has led to a decline in the quality of Merrell shoes. However, Merrell has maintained that its shoes are still of high quality, and the company has a good reputation among outdoor enthusiasts.

If you are looking for Merrell shoes that are made in the USA, you may be able to find some older models on sale. However, most Merrell shoes are now made overseas.

How Significant is China in Merrell’s Manufacturing Process?

China is a significant part of Merrell’s manufacturing. According to Merrell’s 2022 sustainability report, 40% of Merrell shoes are made in China. This makes China the largest manufacturing hub for Merrell shoes.

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There are a few reasons why China is so important to Merrell’s manufacturing. First, China has a large pool of skilled labor. Second, China has a strong infrastructure for manufacturing, including factories, transportation, and logistics. Third, China has a favorable business environment, including low taxes and regulations.

Merrell is not the only company that manufactures its shoes in China. Many other outdoor brands, such as The North Face and Patagonia, also manufacture their shoes in China. This is because China is a major hub for the footwear industry, and it offers many advantages for manufacturers.

Despite the advantages of manufacturing in China, there are also some challenges. One challenge is that China’s labor costs are rising. Another challenge is that China’s environmental regulations are becoming more stringent. Merrell is working to address these challenges by investing in automation and by improving its environmental practices.

What Role Does Vietnam Play in Merrell’s Production?

What Role Does Vietnam Play in Merrell's Production?

Vietnam holds a crucial role in the production lineup for Merrell footwear. As indicated in Merrell’s 2022 sustainability documentation, one-fourth of their shoes are manufactured in Vietnamese facilities, making it their second-largest production center following China.

Vietnam offers a highly skilled workforce adept in shoe manufacturing. Noted for their dedication, skill, and meticulous attention to detail, Vietnamese workers contribute to the brand’s high-quality products.

Additionally, the Vietnamese government has created an environment conducive to business. Foreign companies benefit from various incentives like tax reductions and more flexible labor regulations, making the country a cost-efficient production destination.

When it comes to logistics and supply chain, Vietnam is well-equipped. Its robust transportation networks facilitate the easy movement of raw materials and finished goods, and there’s readily available access to essential footwear materials like leather and rubber.

Vietnam also takes environmental concerns seriously. With various policies aimed at safeguarding the environment, the country aligns with Merrell’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Are There Other Countries Involved?

While the majority of Merrell’s shoes come from the aforementioned countries, there are indications that manufacturing has extended to other nations like Indonesia, India, and Cambodia. 

However, the specifics are not widely documented, making it difficult to gauge their exact contribution to Merrell’s global operations.

The Origin Story: How Did Merrell Come to Be?

How Did Merrell Come to Be?

Merrell was founded in 1981 by Randy Merrell, Clark Matis, and John Schweizer. Randy Merrell was a custom boot maker who had been making boots for outdoor enthusiasts for many years. 

Clark Matis was an executive at the ski company Rossignol, and John Schweizer was a marketing consultant.

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The three men met in Utah, where they shared a passion for the outdoors. They decided to start a company that would make high-quality hiking boots that were also comfortable and stylish. They named the company after Randy Merrell.

Merrell’s first product was the Moab Hiking Boot, which was released in 1982. The Moab was an instant success, and it helped to put Merrell on the map as a leading maker of hiking boots.

Merrell continued to grow in the years that followed, and it expanded its product line to include a variety of other outdoor footwear, such as trail running shoes, sandals, and casual shoes. The company also opened retail stores in the United States and Canada.

In 1997, Merrell was acquired by Wolverine Worldwide, a global footwear company. Wolverine has helped Merrell to grow its business and expand its reach to new markets.

Today, Merrell is a leading maker of outdoor footwear. The company’s products are sold in over 70 countries, and it has over 1,000 employees. Merrell is committed to making high-quality footwear that helps people to enjoy the outdoors.

Here are some of the key milestones in Merrell’s history:

  • 1981: Merrell is founded by Randy Merrell, Clark Matis, and John Schweizer.
  • 1982: The Moab Hiking Boot is released.
  • 1997: Merrell is acquired by Wolverine Worldwide.
  • 2000: Merrell opens its first retail store.
  • 2003: Merrell introduces the Jungle Moc sandal.
  • 2006: Merrell launches its GreenStride line of eco-friendly footwear.
  • 2011: Merrell opens its first retail store in Europe.
  • 2016: Merrell introduces the Vapor Glove, a minimalist running shoe.
  • 2021: Merrell celebrates its 40th anniversary.

Are Merrell Shoes Worth the Investment?

Whether Merrell shoes are worth the investment depends on your individual needs and budget. Merrell shoes are known for their durability and comfort, and they offer a wide range of styles and features to choose from. However, they can also be more expensive than some other brands of outdoor footwear.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding if Merrell shoes are worth the investment:

  • Your needs: What kind of activities will you be using the shoes for? If you are planning on doing a lot of hiking or backpacking, you will need a pair of shoes that are durable and supportive. If you are looking for a more casual pair of shoes to wear around town, you may be able to get away with a less expensive option.
  • Your budget: How much are you willing to spend on a pair of shoes? Merrell shoes can range in price from around $100 to $300. It is important to set a budget before you start shopping so that you do not overspend.
  • The features you need: What features are important to you in a pair of shoes? Do you need a pair of shoes with good arch support? Do you need a pair of shoes that are waterproof? Consider the features that are important to you and make sure that the Merrell shoes you are considering have them.
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If you are looking for a pair of durable, comfortable, and stylish outdoor shoes, Merrell is a good brand to consider. However, it is important to do your research and compare prices before you make a purchase.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Merrell shoes:


  • Durable and comfortable
  • Wide range of styles and features to choose from
  • Good value for money
  • Good reputation among outdoor enthusiasts


  • Can be more expensive than some other brands
  • Not all models are made in the USA
  • Some models may not be as durable as others

Who Owns Merrell in 2023?

Who Owns Merrell in 2023?

Wolverine World Wide Inc., which acquired Merrell in 1997, currently owns the brand. The parent company has a diverse portfolio that includes other big names like Hush Puppies and Keds. 

Wolverine World Wide has been instrumental in Merrell’s growth, ensuring that the brand remains a vital part of its corporate legacy while expanding its global presence.

Final Thoughts: Why Choose Merrell?

So, where are Merrell shoes made? The answer is a multi-faceted one, given the brand’s expansive global production. 

Whether it’s in the USA, China, Vietnam, or other nations, one thing remains consistent: the brand’s commitment to quality. 

In today’s interconnected world, the tag “Made in [Country]” is becoming less of a singular identity and more a testament to a brand’s ability to maintain quality across multiple locations.

So, whether you’re a committed hiker, a casual walker, or someone looking for everyday comfort, Merrell has something to offer. 

The brand has proved time and again that it’s not just about where the shoes are made, but how well they’re made, that truly counts.


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