Best Balenciaga Replica Websites 2022 | Where to Buy High Quality Balenciaga Dupes?

by Tim Howard
best balenciaga replicas

If you’re keen on searching for the best Balenciaga replica websites, then rest assured, we have you covered.

Balenciaga is one of the most popular clothing and footwear brands on the planet, with a vast collection of high end clothes and shoes to choose from. 

Celebrities and fashion icons swear by Balenciaga for their comfort and catchy designs; however, these products are quite expensive and can only be donned by the elite.

For those who are on a budget but would like to look fashionable, why not try out some high quality Balenciaga replicas? Though they are not easily available in every clothing store, I have been able to curate some of the best Balenciaga replica websites you can check out today. 

In my opinion, the best Balenciaga replica websites are AliExpress, Alibaba and DHgate where you can get high quality Balenciaga replicas at affordable prices. The products you get here are made from premium quality materials and can be bought in wholesale or retail depending on your requirement.

These sites offer some truly fabulous products at a discount and each item has been carefully manufactured to resemble the original. 

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Quanzhou Fineway International TradingDSSL Forest StoreLuxuryfashion2021

Best Balenciaga Replica Websites


I’m starting off this list with probably the best website where you can buy wholesale and retail Balenciaga replicas, Alibaba. I personally feel that every list should start off with Alibaba as it’s the best place you can get replica products from at a bargain price. Products sold on Alibaba are generally manufactured and exported from China to the rest of the world. 

While searching for Balenciaga replicas I came across one of the largest selections of products I have ever seen.

I was able to find replicas of the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers, their speed trainers, Balenciaga replica handbags and even t-shirts, though they’re not as popular as the sneakers and handbags. 

For example, I found a high quality Balenciaga Triple S replica for under $50 a pair on Alibaba. Now mind you, the original Triple S are priced at over $1000 which is quite expensive for a pair of sneakers. 

The quality of the material and the overall finish of the replica was really good and in my opinion, they are totally worth it. Sellers also offer wholesale deals, so there’s a possibility of getting a pair of these sneakers for around $30 a pair, if you buy over a certain quantity.

Balenciaga handbags sold on Alibaba are also some of the finest replica products I’ve seen. You may not find every single Balenciaga handbag replica on Alibaba, but the ones that are available look identical to the original and don’t cost as much. 

For example, I happened to come across the Balenciaga Hourglass handbag on Alibaba for roughly $70 (the original costs upwards of $2000). The replica handbag is made from the same material, carries the same crocodile embossed design and has the trademark curvilinear base making it a 1:1 exact copy of the original. 


  • Large collection of Balenciaga replicas
  • Products are made from high quality materials
  • Cost effective and affordable prices
  • Can request for samples before making a purchase
  • Some sellers offer wholesale deals on their Balenciaga replicas


  • There’s always a slight delay in the delivery
  • You have to carefully select the seller so you don’t get ripped off

Best For

  • Balenciaga Replica Sneakers; Triple S, Runner, Track, Speed 2.0, Pool Slides
  • Balenciaga Replica Bags – Downtown, Triplet, Hourglass, Hacker Bags, Replica Pouches

Check out Balenciaga Replicas on Alibaba


The second best place you can buy high quality replica Balenciaga stuff from is AliExpress. I’ve been a fan of AliExpress for well over 10 years and have placed hundreds of orders on their site for a wide variety of products. It is currently among the top 3 best websites that sell replica products and AliExpress has an extensive selection of Balenciaga replicas to choose from.

I came across a couple of high quality, Balenciaga replicas here and had to pick up a few simply because everything about the products screamed “buy me”. 

Now, unlike the high quality products sold on Alibaba, the quality of the Balenciaga replicas found here vary. I found both high quality and sub standard replicas and it was rather difficult finding the right product to buy because the pictures uploaded by the sellers are quite misleading.

I decided to buy a pair of Balenciaga replica Triple S for approx $70 and was not disappointed even one bit when I got them in hand. The quality of the material was awesome, it was soft, comfortable to wear and even came with all the necessary branding and tags in place. While they are not exact 1:1 replicas of the Triple S, they look the part and are quite affordable which is a win in my books.

AliExpress is also known for their high-grade knockoff handbags from big designers and brands. Some of the most popular replica handbags sold on AliExpress happen to be those from Balenciaga.

Searching for replica handbags on AliExpress can be a challenge and I found out the hard way. To find Balenciaga replica sneakers and handbags you have to enter specific keywords like B Brand or Balen sneakers and even Designer sneakers. You can even use Chunky retro sneakers for older Balenciaga models and Speed 2.0 sneakers for the latest Speed variants.

To pull up the good quality replica handbags I typed out Brand B handbags and found a long list of replica Downtown and Hourglass bags for as low as $15 a piece. 

AliExpress is a great place to buy retail products at wholesale prices. Sellers on the site even offer wholesale and bulk discounts, so if you want to start a business, AliExpress is one of the best websites out there for you.


  • Great selection of fake Balenciagas 
  • Affordable prices with timely delivery services
  • They have a small selection of original products as well
  • Ideal for business owners who want to source good quality replica Balenciaga shoes and bags


  • Not all of the sellers on AliExpress are genuine
  • Few items may have some defects and some may not look like what’s advertised
  • Have to search for products using alternate search terms

Best For

  • Balenciaga Replica Sneakers and Slides
  • 1:1 Balenciaga Handbags
  • Balenciaga Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Check out Balenciaga Replicas on AliExpress


Another great and cost effective website to buy replica Balenciaga products from is DHgate. They don’t have a vast selection of Balenciaga replicas, but they do have a bunch of the best versions of the Triple S 3.0 and the Speed 2.0 i’ve seen.

A majority of the replica Balenciaga products sold on DHgate are made from high quality materials and are available in a variety of sizes and color combinations. I found most of the products to be priced under $100 and the sneakers I checked out came with tags and replica printed boxes, delivering a complete experience.

Two of the products that took me back were the Replica 2022 Triple S Track 3.0 sneakers and the 2021 luminous runners. These are the latest from Balenciaga and there are already high quality copies on DHgate at a fraction of the price.

There were also Balenciaga replica caps for under $20 and copies of the Tote handbags for men and even replica Hourglass handbags were up for around $50 each which is a steal. I found the quality of most of these replicas to be kinda on point with the original. 

For example, the replica of the downtown small shoulder bag costs roughly $35 and the only difference is that this bag does not have any of the Balenciaga branding on it even though the design is an exact replica of the original.

Another bag I found was a replica of the Balenciaga Gossip for around $12. This bag as well is not an exact replica because it does not carry any branding. However the seller assured me that customizations are allowed on orders of over 100 units, so you can request for the logos to be added at no extra charge.

Buying from DHgate is fun and you get to customize your order however you like. However, DHgate is not the best site for Balenciaga replicas as the number of products that are available is pretty low and it would be better to buy replica Balenciaga bags from Alibaba or AliExpress and use DHgate for the sneakers.


  • Cheap replica products available
  • Sneaker sellers respond in a timely manner
  • Reasonably selection variety of 1:1 Balenciaga products


  • Many fake sellers, you have to carry out in depth research before buying sneakers or handbags
  • Product names are all custom names. It will take some time to find the right products

Best For

  • Balenciaga Replica Sneakers
  • Clone Balenciaga Handbags

Check out Balenciaga replicas on DHgate

Keywords you can use to search for Balenciaga replicas

While there are plenty of Balenciaga replicas available on Alibaba, DHgate and AliExpress, finding them is always a challenge since most of the products have custom labels to prevent copyright infringement. 

In order to find replica Balenciaga sneakers and handbags, you can try some of the following keywords.

  • Brand B Handbag
  • B Brand Handbag
  • Balen Sneakers
  • Replica Balenciaga Sneakers
  • Paris Designer Sneakers
  • Chunky Sneakers
  • Balenciaga Replica Bags

You can also try an alternate method by searching for the model name along with the name of the category, material or the words Designer/Replica as a part of the search query.

  • AAA Copy + Paris designer handbag (category)
  • Designer + Leather + Designer Sneakers

Top Rated Balenciaga Replica Sellers

Here are a bunch of top rated sellers I came across on Alibaba, AliExpress and DHgate that deal in high quality Balenciaga replicas. 

How to choose the best website for replica Balenciagas?

There are loads of websites that sell fake Balenciaga sneakers and handbags, some even have replica clothes and accessories such as sunglasses available. But it’s never always easy to find a reliable source. Here are some things you need to look into while choosing the best Balenciaga replica website.

  • Make sure the site is legitimate – The first thing you should always do is check the legitimacy of the website. Sites like Alibaba, AliExpress and DHgate ensure the sellers on their platform are legit and not frauds. Each product undergoes some level of verification before they are advertised and listed on their platform. This is done so that buyers don’t have a negative experience while shopping with them.
  • Check the refunds/returns policy – Another thing to look at is the refunds and returns policy on the site and see whether it’s a fair policy that’s in place. A good site that deals in fake Balenciagas like Alibaba or DHgate, will provide you with a refund period of at least 30 days from the date of delivery and would either offer you a full refund or a replacement of the product depending on the type of damage.
  • Make sure the website accepts different modes of payments – Some websites offer payments only in the form of credit cards and buying from them might not be possible unless you have a valid credit card. A good website will have more than one mode of payment and would include PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, Direct Transfers, Cash on Delivery and even Digital Wallets that you can use.
  • Check the shipping methods offered – Since most of the fake Balenciaga stuff come from China, it’s best to choose a website that offers multiple shipping modes like land, air and sea depending on where you reside. Top rated sites like AliExpress and Alibaba are tied up with third-party courier services like DHL, UPS and FedEx for a seamless delivery to your home, but at a premium charge.
  • Check the site reviews – Websites are being reviewed on a daily basis, so if you want to find the best rated site then check the reviews of that site and see if it’s good or bad. Some websites tend to modify or remove negative reviews and in this case you can check reviews of the site left by users on third-party reviewer sites such as TrustPilot or blogging platforms like Quora. 


Where to buy replica Balenciaga sneakers?

Replica Balenciaga sneakers can be bought on AliExpress, Alibaba or DHgate. The products sold on these websites are made from premium quality materials and you will be able to find many 1:1 exact copies of the Balenciaga Speed 2.0 and the Replica Triple S on these sites for under $80 a pair.

Is it safe to buy Balenciaga replicas from China?

Since most of the big brands produce their shoes and clothes in South East Asian countries and in China, it’s safe to say that you can buy replicas from China without worrying. The quality of the materials used in original Balenciaga and replicas are the same and the reason they are cheaper if you buy them from China is because the cost of raw materials and the manufacturing costs are much lower.

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