Where Can You Buy Bape Replica Clothing? | Bape Hoodie Reps & More

by Tim Howard

Craving a Bape hoodie but the price tag leaving you cold?

You’re not alone. A Bathing Ape, or Bape for short, is a coveted streetwear brand known for its bold designs and hefty price tag. While owning genuine Bape is undeniably cool, it’s not always accessible to everyone’s budget.

This is where replica Bape clothing comes in. These copies offer a similar look and feel to the originals, but at a significantly lower cost.

So, where can you buy Bape replica clothing from?

In this article, I’ll take you through the world of Bape replica clothing. We’ll explore the pros and cons of buying replicas, reputable sellers to consider, and what factors to look for when making your choice.

Here’s a rundown of a couple of replica Bape sellers I came across.

Seller NameSeller InfoKnown For
BayC Bape Reps97.9% Customer Satisfaction RatingCustom Replica Bape Camo Hoodies, Bape Sweatshirts
Tracksuitss99.7% Customer Satisfaction RatingReplica Bape Hoodies, Bape Camo Jackets
Paradesigner17 Store98.3% Customer Satisfaction RatingCustom Bape Sweatshirts & Hoodies, 
Globe Clothes Store77.8% Customer Satisfaction RatingReplica Bape Hoodies, Bape Jackets, 1:1 Bape T-Shirts
Phideon8 Store88.3% Customer Satisfaction RatingBape Jacket Copies, Cheap Bape Camo Hoodies, Camouflage Bape Shorts Replica

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Top Rated Bape Replica Hoodies and T-Shirts

There are hundreds of Chinese sellers who deal in replica Bape clothing from t-shirts and shorts to sweatshirts, jackets and joggers. A majority of these replica Bape products are high quality but retail at well under the market price. 

Let’s take a look at some of the popular Bape replica clothing you can buy.

1:1 Bape X Razer Camouflage Full Zip Hoodie

The Bape X Razer hoodie is one of the most popular hoodies out there. Designed for gamers who are fans of the brand Razer, this hoodie looks great and has been made from 100% cotton, quite like the original. 

This hoodie is lightweight and soft which is good because it will keep your body cool during the summer and is comfortable for long gaming sessions. You will find the Razer and A Bathing Ape branding all around the hoodie along with an Ape badge, cuff and collar tags and the wash care tag on the inside making you question whether it’s actually a replica or not.

2022 Replica Bape Dual Tone Shark Hoodie

Probably one of Bape’s most famous designs, the dual tone shark hoodie is a well made hoodie for men and women that features a camo print and carries the famous Bape shark print on the hood. It’s a regular style cotton and polyester hoodie that has anti-wrinkle and anti-shrink features.

We found there to be next to no difference between the original shark hoodie and the replica Bape shark hoodie. You get all the necessary tags in place, the quality of the material and the overall finish of the hoodie is on par with the original design and the best part is it costs under $20 for a single piece, unlike the $300+ price tag on the original.

Bape Ape Man Head T-Shirt 

bape replica clothing

Bape t-shirts are some of the most comfortable pieces of clothing i’ve ever worn. They are made from high grade cotton allowing them to be soft, airy and easy to wash. Replica Bape t-shirts offer the same level of comfort and that blew me away considering they are priced under $10 a piece. 

You can get replica Bape t-shirts in all sizes and they even feature the neon printed ape face on the front that glows in the dark. There are two colors you can choose from and based on my personal experience, there was no difference at all between my original Bape t-shirt and the high quality replica I picked up online.

Bape Lakers Basketball T-Shirt Replica 

Ever since Bape tied up with the L.A. Lakers, they have produced a bunch of Lakers inspired t-shirts, jackets and shoes. This hasn’t stopped Chinese manufacturers from replicating their designs and selling them at a cheaper rate. One fine example is the purple camo Lakers t-shirt which costs over $150 on Bape but you can get your hands on a high-quality 1:1 version for under $15 straight from China.

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It’s a short sleeve t-shirt that’s been made from eco-friendly cotton and bears the A Bathing Ape branding and logos right around. On the inside of the t-shirt you will have the collar tag and the wash care tags which looked authentic in my opinion and have been made by some pretty highly skilled craftsmen.

Bape Tiger Shark Summer Shorts

If you’re looking for eye-catching shorts to wear on the beach or for a jog then you would definitely have heads turn if you wear one of the Bape shark shorts. These legendary shorts have the traditional Bape shark design and are available in a wide range of camo color options. 

At the front you have the folded tiger and WGM branding similar to how it’s found on the original Bape Tiger Shark Shorts. Each pair is available for around $6 and thanks to their high quality yarn dyed polyester and cotton, these casual shorts are perfect for the summer and autumn.

Replica Bape Velcro Unisex Shark T-Shirt

Another t-shirt I fancied was the velcro shark short sleeve t-shirt. It’s a soft and comfortable t-shirt which you can buy in one of 4 colors; blue, orange, black and white with a large shark head design at the back and WGM emblem on the front. 

The quality of these t-shirts were great and at $10, it’s not as cheap as the shorts or the t-shirts you can get from Alibaba, but it’s made from high-quality cotton that is easy to maintain. Chinese manufacturers have been able to create identical replicas and have included the relevant tags and branding to pass them off as the original.

Check it out on AliExpress

Tie Dye Bape T-shirt and Shorts Combo

Want to wear a matching t-shirt and shorts this summer? The Bape tie dye combo will make you look fabulous and stay cool on your trip to the beach. It has gradient blue, yellow and red swirls on the front and back of the t-shirt and shorts. The front of the t-shirt has a large Bape and bathing ape logo and the shorts have a light colored Bape shark logo across the front, blended into the tie dye design. 

The shorts come with an adjustable waist drawstring and have pockets on either side. Both have been made from 100% high-quality cotton with every minute detail in place such as a black Bape sweat lining on the t-shirt collar and even the tags on the t-shirt and short pants are in their respective places.

High Quality Bape Replica MA1 Custom Jacket

If bomber and aviation jacjets are your thing then check out the MA1 Japanese Air Force Bape jacket look alike. Right off the bat you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this 1:1 copy and the original. The manufacturers have actually done a brilliant job of replicating this jacket. 

You get a nice high quality finished jacke for around $50 which is again a steal deal considering these MA1 jackets can cost upwards of $350. This model features the 2022 design and comes with all the Bape Air Force patches and branding on the sleeves, front and back of the jacket. 

Where Can You Buy Bape Replica Clothes From?

Many websites offer high quality replica Bape clothes for cheap. You can source them in retail or at wholesale from AliExpress, Alibaba and DHgate. Here you will find a bunch of sellers that provide good quality products at low rates. 

Let me take you through some of the best places to buy replica Bape clothing from.


Alibaba is one of the best online marketplaces to buy replica Bape clothing from. They host hundreds of Chinese sellers who specialize in different kinds of designer replica clothing. There are hundreds of Bape sweatshirts, jackets and hoodies up for grabs and each one of them has undergone thorough checks, so you get the best quality goods. Replica Bape clothes on Alibaba are affordable and comfortable to wear with key design elements in place making it hard to differentiate them from the original.


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AliExpress is another online hub where you can find designer replicas for cheap. All products sold on AliExpress are affordable and you can get Bape hoodies, Bape t-shirts, Bape short pants and even Bape socks for well under the market price. Products that are sold here have passed quality checks set by the manufacturer and are brilliant knock-offs if you’re on a tight budget.


Here’s another popular Chinese marketplace that hosts all kinds of consumer goods at mid-range to affordable prices. DHgate may not have an extensive collection of replica Bape clothing, but they do have a bunch of hoodies, jackets, shorts, t-shirts and even shoes from the latest 2022 collection. While all products sold on DHgate are not up to the mark, you can refer to the “What to look for” section at the beginning of this article to learn how to differentiate between high quality Bape replicas and low quality Bape replica clothes.

Which are some of the best replica Bape clothing sellers online?

You will take hours to find the best seller online because most of the product images have been sourced from either the manufacturer or have been doctored. However, after performing my own research into the topic, I managed to find a handful of Chinese sellers that deal in replica Bape clothing. 

How to Distinguish Between Fake vs Real BAPE?

BAPE is a well known street clothing brand and unfortunately they too have fallen prey to counterfeiters in the Asian market.

It’s easy to find BAPE clothing nowadays, but it pays to know the difference between fake and real as the market is flooded with cheap knockoffs and copies.

While manufacturers tend to get the fakes to look similar to the original, the biggest giveaway is the price of the fakes. 

Take the BAPE hoodie for example, this iconic hoodie has been replicated more times than I can imagine and it hardly costs $50 for a really good quality copy, unlike the original one which costs in excess of $500 for a single piece.

Other telltale signs that your BAPE is probably a fake are the shark mouth logo, the stitch work, missing tags or tags with misprints and the camo finish on the hoodie.

fake vs real bape logo

For example, the first thing you’re going to want to look at are the tags. All original hoodies come with a wash care tag on the inside and original BAPE hoodies will have a set of wash care instructions with the BAPE logo tag at the back whereas the BAPE logo tag will be much larger and at the front on a fake hoodie.

are replica bapes worth it

Fake BAPE hoodies tend to have sloppy stitch work, so while examining your hoodie, check the front near the zipper line to see if any seams are visible. Also, the stitch work on the shark mouth and the teeth will be evenly done and within the teeth unlike fakes where the stitches are all over the place.

fake vs real bape

The eyes of the shark on the original BAPE hoodie will be in the shape of a teardrop and the red patch will be large and positioned at the middle on the top of the eye. Fake hoodies look similar but the red patch is much smaller and the eye is a darker shade like the mouth and teeth.

fake vs real bape stitching

Coming to the WGM patch, fakes tend to get the letters really close to the original, but there are differences such as a thicker purple outline for the letter “M” on the original and the quality of stitch work that can help you identify the fake from the real one.

bape replicas vs real

Another dead giveaway that the hoodie is fake is when the image on the BAPE label on the sleeve, folds under the sleeve line and the stitches holding the label in place come loose.

fake vs real bape images

You can also tell if your hoodie is fake by examining the label under the collar. The BAPE logo and text will have a neat finish on the original whereas the logo and font on the fake will be lopsided, shabby and have a lighter shade. 

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how to identify a fake bape

There’s even a difference between the way the sizing label is on the fake and the real BAPE hoodie. Fakes will have the label printed horizontally whereas the label on the real hoodie will be printed vertically.

real bape vs fake glow in the dark

And finally, the best way to tell if you have a fake or a real BAPE hoodie is to perform the glow in the dark test. Real BAPE hoodies glow in the dark and it’s evident from the shade and material of the elements on the hoodie. A fake hoodie will not glow or if it does it will not be as bright as a real BAPE hoodie.

What is BAPE?

A Bathing Ape clothing brand or Bape was founded over 25 years ago in the heart of Japan. They have been producing some of the most contemporary clothes and footwear the world has ever seen. 

Until the early 2000’s, Bape was only big in Japan, but once big rappers like Pharrell Williams and Notorious B.I.G got a hold of Bape, the brand started blowing up in the States and everyone wanted one for themselves. 

Bape is well known for their colorful and loud sweatshirts, jackets and sneakers which either carry a camo theme or have an imprint of the Bape camouflage shark.

How do I Identify good quality replica Bape?

It’s difficult to say since 90% of the replica Bape clothes available in China are made from the same quality material as the original. There are two different types of Bape clothing you can find online apart from the original, high quality fakes which are basically 1:1 copies or replicas of the original and you have the low quality fakes which are not exact copies of the original and come with bad stitching and print quality.

If you find Bape products for under $50 then they are probably replicas. However, you will be able to find plenty of replica Bape clothing that are high quality, only if you know what to look for.

Here’s how you can identify high quality Bape replicas.

  • Check the brand labels on the inside of the collar or near the wrist/waist cuff of the clothes. Replicas tend to come with all the tags in place, but the print on the tag and the stitch work can help you identify if the product is of high quality or not.. 
  • Good quality replica Bapes come with broad and bulky zippers unlike fake Bape products that have thin and flimsy zippers that can break easily.
  • The final stitch work on high quality Bape replicas is an exact copy of what you can find on the originals. Manufacturers of low quality Bape products will not be able to replicate the method of stitching and this will be one way you can differentiate between low and high quality replica Bape clothes.
  • Authentic Bape products are made from high quality cotton and silk fabric giving it a premium feel. High-grade replicas come with the same quality materials but those cheap, low quality Bape replicas will be made from sub-standard cotton, linen or polyester which will look good from far, but won’t feel comfortable on you.


Where can you find replica Bape clothing?

You can get high quality Bape replicas on sites like Alibaba and AliExpress for cheap. The quality of their products are top notch and resemble the original Bape design. Other sites you can buy Bape replicas from are Hypeunique, Blvcks, and even etsy.

Is it safe to buy Bape replica clothing?

Yes, manufacturers are producing exact 1:1 copies of Bape clothing and it is safe to buy them directly from Chinese sellers. The quality of the goods sold are premium and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a replica from China and the real thing.

Which is the most popular Bape replica clothing?

The most in-demand Bape replica product happens to be the 1:1 Bape Shark T-Shirts and the Bape Camo Replica Hoodies. 

What keywords can I use to search for high quality Bape replicas?

You can enter keywords like Bape, The Bathing Ape, Shark Mouth Brand and Monkey Head Brand on Alibaba or AliExpress to pull up some high quality Bape replicas.

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