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Patek Philippe watches are some of the best timepieces to come out of Switzerland and they are luxury watches that not everyone can afford. This is why there’s a market thriving in China that manufactures and sells high quality copies at a much lower price.

So if you’re wondering where to buy Patek Philippe copies from then you’ve landed on the right page. 

There are plenty of bootleg Patek Philippe watches on the internet and not all of them are good quality. The best Patek Philippe copies I came across were on DHgate, where I was able to find different watches from their collections such as Grand Complications, Nautilus, Golden Ellipse and even their Aquanaut range at a fraction of the retail price. 

This article will list out some of the best high-end Patek Philippe copies I was able to find in the market and I’ll list out a bunch of reliable sellers from whom you can buy high quality Patek Philippe copies.

Let’s Begin!

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What is Patek Philippe?

Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe is one of the world’s last independent family owned watch manufacturers based out of Geneva, Switzerland.

For over 180 years the brand has been creating timeless masterpieces including some of the most complex mechanical watches the world has ever seen. 

Though pricier than other high-end brands, Patek Philippe watches are not available online or in many stores and you can only find their products in their official showrooms. 

There are some sellers who have tied up with the brand and only these authorized sellers will have access to authentic Patek Philippe watches.

Top Rated Patek Philippe Replica Watch Sellers

Here are some of the best Patek Philippe replica watch sellers on DHgate.

Keke200899% Satisfaction Rating;
Top_time Store90% Satisfaction Rating
Zww007 Watches100% Satisfaction Rating
Pure_Time95% Satisfaction Rating
Eternity_Watches97.1% Satisfaction Rating
Time_Ring Store100% Satisfaction Rating
Hk24chrono96.7% Satisfaction Rating

Where to Buy Patek Philippe Copies?

5711-1R-001 Nautilus Luxury 18K Rose Gold Patek Philippe Copy

Where to Buy Patek Philippe Copies

The Nautilus is probably one of the most popular Patek Philippe watches around and this high quality copy sold by keke2008 on DHgate is a fantastic copy of the original. It’s a stainless steel watch that has been plated with rose gold and comes with a genuine leather strap. 

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The clasp on the Nautilus features the Patek Philippe insignia and the dial carries the Patek Philippe branding. For roughly $110, this copy is definitely something you should consider buying.

Check it out on DHgate

6104R-001 Grand Complications Rose Gold Patek Philippe Copy

Where to Buy Patek Philippe Copies

Patek Philippe Grand Complications Celestial is one of the brands most notable automatic watches that you can get on sites like DHgate for roughly $350. Yup, high quality copies of this watch go for roughly 10% of the original price and the best part is that every component works.

This high-end copy comes with everything in place, including a branded box and certificate of authenticity. Quite like the other copies on this list, this Grand Complications is made from stainless steel and comes with a genuine leather strap. The dial is available in two colors, silver and rose gold so you can pick up one that suits your needs.

Check it out on DHgate

40mm Aquanaut Blue Automatic Patek Philippe Copy

Where to Buy Patek Philippe Copies

Watches from Patek Philippe are truly some of the most advanced of its kind, but the Aquanaut, though popular, actually carries one of the brand’s most simple designs. The copy features a stainless steel body and a blue rubber strap to complement the tone of the dial.

It’s a mechanical automatic watch that has an auto date feature and the back of the watch has a see-through case through which you can view the internal mechanism and movement of the watch. The seller zww007 guarantees a high quality timepiece with a box and they even provide a  discount for first time buyers.

Check it out on DHgate

5968A-1 Aquanaut Date Automatic Patek Philippe Watch

Where to Buy Patek Philippe Copies

Here’s another copy of the Aquanaut automatic date watch that you can get for around $150 on DHgate. The seller, Pure Time is a reliable supplier on the site and has been delivering good quality knock offs for a little over 5 years.

The 5968A-1 Aquanaut is made from stainless steel and has a rubber strap that’s the same color as the dial – orange. The watch is waterproof and can be submerged up to 30 meters and apart from the see-through back case, the watch even comes with a branded box and a certificate of authenticity which is pretty cool considering the price.

Check it out on DHgate

5088/100P-001 FLF Calatrava Leaves & Vines Patek Philippe Copy

Where to Buy Patek Philippe Copies

The Eternity watch shop on DHgate hosts copies of some of the biggest watch brands including some fancy looking Patek Philippe watches. Unlike other sellers, the watches available here are much cheaper and the Calatrava leaves and vines are available at a mouth watering price of $75.

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It carries an analog dial with some of the most intricate designs engraved on it. The buckle is leather and has a pin buckle clasp that has a similar style of engraving on it. What’s more, this Patek Philippe copy follows the Cal.240 movement and contains 315 individual parts along with 12 splints, 45 jewels and around 28.800 vibrations per hour.

Check it out on DHgate

5147G-001 Carved Case Calatrava Patek Philippe High Quality Replica

Where to Buy Patek Philippe Copies

Carved watches look cool but carved watches from big brands are to die for. The Calatrava 5147G-001 is a personal favorite and one of the most sophisticated looking Patek Philippe copies in the market today. The watch is a high quality timepiece, but doesn’t cost over $50, which is quite amazing.

This analog watch is made from a stainless steel body and has a leather strap. The auto date function as well as the day/month function work automatically and you would only have to set the adjusted time/date/month only once. The watch is brand new and does not include any tags, but the body, strap, dial and even the leather box all carry the Patek Philippe branding.

Check it out on DHgate

3738/100G-012 Miyota Golden Ellipse Automatic Patek Philippe Watch

Where to Buy Patek Philippe Copies

Finally, if you want something that’s simple and elegant then the Golden Ellipse is the one for you. The watch features a square-ellipse shaped dial and is available in over 4 colors including gold, rose gold, blue and black. The strap is made from genuine leather and the clasp is gold chromed and has the Swiss made Patek Philippe branding.

The seller here – hk24kchrono, deals in high quality replicas and copies on DHgate. They have a vast collection of high-end watches such as Patek Philippe for well under $100 a watch. Since these copies are cheap, you can buy them in bulk and obtain better discounts on orders of 8 and above.

Check it out on DHgate

How to distinguish between a real Patek Philippe watch and a copy?

Real Patek  Philippe watches are amazingly well made and every component is created to perfection.

Copies, unlike fakes, are near replicas and will feature every minute detail such as branding, imprints on the straps, certificate of authenticity and even some copies have screws that are identical to the ones used on the real watches. 

Here are some tell-tale signs that your watch is a copy and not the real deal.

  • Authentic Patek Philippe watches are made from high quality platinum and gold which is one of the reasons why these watches are so expensive. Copies are made from stainless steel or an alloy of steel and have been coated to give it a gold, rose gold or platinum look. 
  • Patek Philippe copies also have slight imperfections in the finish of the watch which is honestly a dead giveaway especially if you know what an authentic Patek Philippe watch looks like. 
  • Such as the crown and dial look quite similar to the original, but they lack the level of detail and the font and size of the lettering will be off.
  • Finally, genuine Patek Philippe watches cost upwards of $40,000 and copies generally don’t cost more than $2,500 (that’s for a AAA+ quality first copy).


What material are Patek Philippe copies made from?

Unlike the high quality platinum, gold and occasional stainless steel that’s used by the actual brand, cheap replicas and copies are made only from stainless steel as it’s much cheaper and these watches will have a coat of either gold, rose gold or silver to give it an authentic look.

Is it safe to buy replica Patek Philippe watches from China?

Since a majority of high quality watches are made in China, it’s safe to say that even the replicas and low-cost copies will be made from really good materials.

However, just to be on the safe side, check the buyer reviews and the store’s rating to determine if the seller is genuine or out to make a quick buck.


Well, there you have it, the only  website where  you can get high quality Patek Philippe copies for cheap – DHgate.

The site offers a wide variety of Patek Philippe watches for under $1000 and most of the sellers provide replica boxes with branded tags as well as branding on the watch dials.

Hope this list helps you with your search for some good, high quality Patek Philippe copies.

Until next time, Cheers!

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