Does Dhgate Ship to the UK | All You Need to Know Before Placing an Order From the UK in 2023

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DHgate is an online platform that I’ve come to love over the years and they ship to most countries. 

If you’re living in the UK then I got some good news for you, DHgate does ship to the UK, However, as with any kind of international shipment, packages can get lost, delayed or stuck in customs. 

Trust me when I say this, it’s a real pain dealing with lost shipments or packages being held back at customs.

Today I’m going to provide you with a complete answer to, “does DHgate ship to the UK” and I’ll even cover factors that determine the transit time, possible delays and what can be done if you’re not satisfied with the product.

Does DHgate Ship to the UK?

Does Dhgate Ship to the UK

Yes, DHgate does ship to the UK. As an international marketplace, DHgate caters to customers worldwide, including the United Kingdom.

They have established offices in the UK to provide local support, and the UK stands as DHgate’s second largest market after the US.

To use DHgate in the UK, you can simply visit their website,, on your computer or download their app from either the App Store or Play Store.

DHgate automatically detects your location and adjusts the country and currency accordingly. Alternatively, you can manually select the UK as your location using the location filter at the top of the screen.

Does Dhgate Ship to the UK
Source: DHgate

Click here to download the DHgate app on the iPhone

Click here to download the DHgate app on Android

What Shipping Options are Available to DHgate UK Customers?

I was able to find out that UK customers can buy from DHgate and have their order shipped by air or by sea. 

Does Dhgate Ship to the UK
Source: DHgate

Air freight takes less time and would normally be in the country within a day or two. Sea freight on the other hand is long and can take up to 50 days to get delivered.

Does Dhgate Ship to the UK
Source: DHgate

Here are some of the popular DHgate shipping options that I can confirm are available to UK based customers as of 2023.

Shipping Couriers for UK CustomersMinimum Delivery Time (Days)Maximum Delivery Time (Days)
China Post Air Mail818
DHL – Abroad Delivery325
UPS – Abroad Delivery25
Hong Kong Post921
Singapore Post1120
Euro Business Parcel15
Sea Mail3050

What Payment Methods are Available to DHgate UK Customers?

Does Dhgate Ship to the UK
Source: DHgate

DHgate offers a wide range of payment options to customers in the UK. Here are some of the payment methods available as on 30-June-2023 specifically for UK based customers.

Mode of Payment for UK CustomersCountries Available
VisaAll Countries
MasterCardAll Countries
American ExpressAll Countries
Union PayAll Countries
Maestro CardUnited Kingdom
Bank Transfer – SkrillAll Countries

Refund Timelines for UK Orders on DHgate

Does Dhgate Ship to the UK

If you have confirmation that either DHgate or the seller will process a refund then the refund should take a maximum of 15 business days to reflect in your account.

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The time frame of the refund depends on the mode of payment selected and all refunds will go back to the original mode of payment unless the account has been frozen or the card has expired. 

In this case you can submit a request to DHgate to change the refund account.

Mode of Payment for UK CustomersCountries Available
Credit or Debit Payment7-15 Business Days
Bank Transfer7-10 Business Days

What Factors Can Delay a DHgate Shipment to the UK?

There are a number of factors that can affect the delivery of an international DHgate shipment into the UK. These factors include

  • Warehouse Clearance – International orders and shipments have to first be sent to the warehouse and from there they must be segregated and sent to different centers for local deliveries.

    If there is no clearance for the order to enter the warehouse then it will lead to a delay in receiving the shipment and DHgate will have to first get clearance for the shipment to enter the warehouse before the package can be delivered.
  • Delays in Transportation – Orders can get delayed especially when the weather is bad or in the event of a global pandemic where many flight services are grounded. In these cases, delivery timelines will get affected and it would take longer than normal for the shipment to arrive.

    At times, if the shipment is going to be delayed indefinitely, DHgate will inform the buyer about the situation and provide them with two options; to wait or to cancel the order and get a refund.
  • Issues while Clearing Customs – If the shipment has left the seller’s country and has arrived in the UK, in order to receive the package it must first go through customs.

    This is a place where delays can occur depending on the nature of the shipment, whether all the documents are in check and if there is a sudden influx of packages (like during the holidays). 
  • Holidays or Peak Seasons – Another factor that can delay a DHgate shipment into the UK is the holiday schedule or if DHgate has a sale going on their website.

    If the order is expected to be delivered on a holiday then the shipping company will have the shipment delivered on the next business day. Whereas, in the event of a DHgate sale, orders can get delayed depending on the number of orders a seller receives. 

What To Do If You’re Not Satisfied with Your DHgate Order in the UK?

I found the website policy to be the same worldwide and buyers from the UK can either claim a replacement or a refund in case the item in the order is not up to the mark.

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Here’s how you can handle a complaint with respect to your unsatisfactory DHgate UK order.

Request for an Exchange

As a buyer you’re entitled to request the seller for an exchange if the product is not of good quality or has been damaged. 

You will need to drop a message to the seller and inform them of the issue and then wait for their response on what they can offer. 

Most of the time, sellers will accept the dispute and would have a replacement sent across. 

But in order for this to happen, the buyer needs to ship the damaged item back to the seller and once they receive the goods, then the replacement order will be shipped from their end. 

Request for a Refund

If the shipment you have received is not as what was described on the product page and if you’re not willing to wait for a replacement, then you can request the seller to process a refund for the order. 

Sometimes the seller will agree and you’d have to ship back the item directly to them in order for the refund to be processed. 

However, in the event that the seller does not agree to the refund request, you can always raise a dispute on DHgate against the seller and have DHgate look into the matter and have the refund processed. 

How to Track DHgate Orders in the UK?

Does Dhgate Ship to the UK
Source: DHgate

There are two ways you can track your DHgate order in the UK. One is from within the DHgate website and the second method is by entering the tracking number on the courier’s official website.

Track your Order on DHgate

Once an order has been confirmed and shipped by the seller the tracking number and information will be updated in the My Orders page. 

To access this page, login to your DHgate registered account and then click on the Profile name or Account Holders name from the top right hand corner of the page. 

Then select My Orders from the list and locate the order you want to know the status of. 

Click on the button labeled Track Items to see the item’s shipping status.

Track your DHgate Order on the Couriers Website

Does Dhgate Ship to the UK
Source: DHL

Another way you can track your DHgate order in the UK is by entering the tracking number on the shippers website to check the shipping status. 

Here are a  couple of pages you can check out to track  your shipment depending on which carrier or courier you selected at the time of purchase.

How long does DHgate take to process and deliver orders in the UK?

Does Dhgate Ship to the UK

For customers in the UK, the time it takes for orders to be processed and delivered depends on several factors.

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The processing time for orders on DHgate is influenced by the individual sellers. On average, it may take anywhere between 24 to 72 hours for an order to be processed and shipped after it has been placed.

Once the order is processed and shipped, the delivery time depends on the chosen shipping method and any unforeseen delays that may occur during the transportation process.

For shipments by air, the average delivery time to the UK is around a week.

On the other hand, if the shipping method is by sea, the delivery time is considerably longer, taking approximately a month or even up to two months.

It is important to understand the transit times for air cargo from China to the United Kingdom to get a clearer picture of the delivery process.

While the actual flight time itself may only be a few hours, additional time is required for freight consolidation before the shipment and customs clearance once the cargo arrives in the UK.

Some popular air shipping routes and their corresponding transit times between Chinese airports and airports in the British Isles are as follows:

Departure CityArrival CityTransit Time (Days)
XiamenLondon Heathrow6
ShenzhenLondon Heathrow4
ShanghaiBirmingham or Glasgow4
ZhengzhouLondon Heathrow7
Shanghai or GuangzhouLondon Heathrow5
Please note that these transit times are estimates and may vary depending on specific circumstances and external factors beyond the control of DHgate or the sellers.

While the processing time for DHgate orders in the UK can vary depending on sellers, the delivery time largely depends on the chosen shipping method, with air shipments taking around a week and sea shipments taking significantly longer.

Does DHgate Ship to the UK : FAQ’s

Is it safe to buy from DHgate in the UK?

In short, yes it is completely safe to buy from DHgate in the UK mainly because DHgate is a secure website, orders can be tracked and DHgate will help resolve issues with an order and since sellers are only paid once the buyer is happy with the purchase, refunds are possible in the event of a dispute.

How to buy from DHgate in the UK without getting scammed?

You can protect yourself when shopping on DHgate by creating a registered account on the DHgate official website, check seller stores to see what they have available, 

Go through the seller’s reviews and feedback to see whether or not they are genuine and check the satisfaction rating and how long the seller has been in business on Dhgate.

How do I use a coupon on a DHgate UK order?

In order to use a coupon on your DHgate order, you must first select the coupon from the product page or from the checkout page.

Click on the coupon drop down just above the price of the product to view the available store and DHgate coupons.

Tap on the coupon you wish to use and ensure that the basic criteria is met. Then complete the transaction with the new discounted price. 

You can also enter a coupon code that you have into the Use Promo Code field and get a discount applied on your order.

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