iPhone 14 Pro Max Clone Review 2023

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The iPhone 14 Pro Max clone is a budget-friendly alternative to the latest iPhone model that boasts a similar design. While not manufactured by Apple, the clone aims to provide a similar user experience at a fraction of the cost. 

However that’s not entirely the case as I’ve managed to get my hands on the i14 Pro Max which is supposedly a 1:1 replica of Apple’s beast and there’s a lot of difference between the two devices. I mean it looks the part but it doesn’t come with Apple’s proprietary software like iOS and the App Store..

So, if you want to find out whether or not the iPhone 14 Pro Max clone is something you should invest in this year, read on as I share my experience using the i14 Pro Max clone. 

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To give you a clear understanding on what the device has to offer, i’ll examine its design, camera, performance, and overall user experience. I’ll even compare it to the real iPhone 14 Pro Max to help you decide if this clone is worth considering as a budget-friendly option.

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iPhone 14 Pro Max Clone Review

iPhone 14 Pro Max Clone Design

Okay, to start things off, I found the overall design of the i14 Pro Max clone to be a near exact copy of the original. It’s shaped like an iPhone 14 Pro Max and it has the large triple camera set up at the back as well as a premium glass back cover to give it an authentic feel.

What I did notice however is the minor changes in the placement of the buttons as well as the type of USB port used in the clone. The i14 Pro Max clone has a micro-USB power port instead of a lightning port and it also has a 3.5mm audio port which is not there on the original device. 

iPhone 14 Pro Max Clone Review

The power and volume buttons on the clone are positioned on the right side of the body which is the opposite of where they are on the original and the placement of the front facing camera was also a little off.

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I didn’t have any issue with the placement of the buttons because I’ve used loads of different phones in the past, but if you’re an Apple user then you may find it a bit weird in the beginning.

Other than the buttons, audio port and use of a different USB charger, I felt that the overall build quality of the clone is solid and it actually feels quite good in hand. 

iPhone 14 Pro Max Clone Display, Software and Interface

Coming to the display, software and the user interface of the i14 Pro Max, it’s not too shabby. The clone has a 6.7-inch display which is the same size as the original, but it lacks the Retina XDR OLED screen and instead uses an Infinity-O screen with a 4K (1440*3200) resolution.

Considering the price of the device, there’s no complaints there as the screen that’s used is also found in some of the premium flagship devices and to have that on a device which costs under $100 is fantastic.

In terms of software and interface, the clone runs on Android 12 and not iOS. The whole “iPhone experience” is just a mask as it’s only an iOS theme that’s plastered over an Android OS base system. 

iPhone 14 Pro Max Clone Review

So while it does run Android apps and there’s direct access to the Play Store, it doesn’t support Apple’s App Store which was a major drawback as I was unable to install Apple-only applications on it.

A good thing though, about the clone, is that it comes with face recognition, smart wake up, and an entire collection of sensors such as GPS, Wi-Fi, Gravity, and the craziest part is because of the processor, this device even supports 5G network speeds.

For storage and RAM, the clone has a standard 16GB DDR5 and is equipped with a massive 1TB built-in storage that’s absolutely mental. Coupled with the super fast processor, the i14 Pro Max clone is actually not bad and is something that I’ve grown to like over my time using it.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Clone Camera

For the camera, the i14 Pro Max has a 108MP triple rear camera setup and a 48MP AI lens for the front. Both cameras are quite good and though the quality of the shots is not as detailed as the actual iPhone, they are quite vivid and the AI technology does an impressive job with adjusting the backlight and creating composite portrait shots.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Clone Review

Video can be recorded at 4K on the clone and the night mode is pretty decent. However, auto image stabilization, lens correction, Apple ProRAW and cinematic mode are not present on the clone which was a real let down.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Clone Review

Also, Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max has Face ID that uses the front camera to unlock the device. The i14 Pro Max on the other hand doesn’t come with Face ID but an alternative facial recognition unlock mechanism that’s quick and responsive.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Clone Performance

On to the performance, and I have a bit to talk about. First off, the i14 Pro Max does not have the A16 Bionic nor does it have iOS 16, but it is running on MediaTek’s latest flagship processor, the Dimensity 9000 which just so happens to be much more powerful than the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1.

Again, it’s not an Apple device so I can’t exactly complain about what’s under the hood. 

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The processor runs on 10-cores which is the first i’ve seen in a clone smartphone and this not only means that there’s added CPU and GPU boost but everything from the network speeds to the frame rate and smoothness of the picture has been heightened thanks to this new chipset.

The large 16GB DDR5 RAM makes scrolling, swiping, taking photos and video calling super smooth and coupled with the massive 7800mAh built-in battery that can last up to 2 days, the i14 Pro Max is a monster that’s not recognized in the wider market.

I was even amazed that there’s even a micro-SD slot that supports a 128GB card for additional storage over the 1TB and I found Android 12 to be fluid as usual.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Clone User Experience

Overall, my experience with the i14 Pro Max was decent. The phone came with a well built chassis and the display was to die for. I didn’t have any problem with the screen or the performance of the device but did find the image processing capabilities to be sub-par.

But hey this device costs literally $80 which is over 12 times lower than the cost of the real phone. So, if you’re truly looking for an iPhone clone that runs on iOS and grants access to the Apple Ecosystem then i’m sorry to break it to you, but that device doesn’t exist.

With a lower price, the i14 Pro Max delivers what other clones couldn’t and it looks just like an iPhone 14 Pro Max, just that there’s no Apple logo on the device but the only thing that has made me give this clone a thumbs up is that it has the latest flagship processor a reasonably good 108MP camera and a large 6.7-inch 4K display that is stunning to look at.

i14 Pro Max Device Specifications

CPUDimensity 9000 (Latest 10 Core)
Operating SystemAndroid 12.0
Display6.7 inch 4K Full Screen, 1440 * 3200
Battery7800mAh High Density Lithium-ion battery
Memory16GB RAM+1TB ROM
CameraFront Camera 48MP+ Rear Camera 108MP
SIM CardDual Nano SIM card
Network2G: GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz3G: WCDMA 900 / 2100MHz4G: FDD-LTE band: B1 / 3/7/8/19/205G

Should You Buy an iPhone 14 Pro Max Clone from China?

Buying an iPhone 14 Pro Max clone from China can be risky. While the clone may look similar to the genuine iPhone 14 Pro Max and have similar features, it may not be of the same quality and may not perform as well. 

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There may also be legal issues with buying and using a clone of a copyrighted product. It’s also important to note that these clones are not made by Apple and thus won’t be supported by Apple and may not have the same level of security and software updates as the official version.

Also, it’s not uncommon for these clones to be shipped with malware, spyware, or other malicious software pre-installed on the device. So, there’s a risk that the device may not function properly or may have a shorter lifespan than a genuine iPhone.

While it may be tempting to purchase an iPhone 14 Pro Max clone from China at a lower price, it’s important to weigh the risks and consider if it’s worth it in the long run.


In short, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max clone may have similar features, it will likely be of lower quality and may not perform as well. Additionally, it may have legal and security risks, while the genuine iPhone 14 Pro Max will have official support and software updates.

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