IWO Smartwatch Review 2023 | IWO 15, IWO12 vs Series 8 Ultra

by Tim Howard

If you are here, then you’ve heard about the IWO 12 Smartwatch, an Apple Smartwatch clone. 

You are probably wondering if it’s worth it. 

And this is a question I get a lot, Is the IWO 12 a good alternative to the Apple Smartwatch?

The New IWO Series has the Series 8 has launched at an average price of $45. This is the Apple Watch 8 look alike. More than a clone, it has similarities in terms of how it looks.

These are from Aliexpress and range from $17 to $45.




series 8 Ultra
The Latest Ultra Watch 8

IWO Smartwatch Review

IWO 12 Smartwatch vs Apple Watch

First let’s see if the IWO 12 Smartwatch compares to the Apple Smartwatch 

FeaturesIWO 12 SpecificationsApple Watch 5 Specifications
Sizes40mm & 44mm40mm & 44mm
Band coloursBlack, Silver, Pink, Choose your own colorSpace Grey, Metallic Silver, Rose Gold
Band TypesMetal, TPU (53 different options, can be bought separately)Stainless steel, TPU
Language support23 international languagesYes, all languages
Watch Faces39100
Heart Rate MonitorYes, not very accurateYes, accurate
Wireless ChargingYesYes
Music Player and ControlYesYes
Calls, Notifications, RemindersYesYes
Remote Camera AccessYesNo
Fitness TrackingYesYes
Android & iOS SupportYesNo, Only iOS
Battery380 mAhNA
ProcessorMTK2502C64-bit dual-core S5 processor

Just by looking at the specifications you can tell that these are almost alike. What about the way it looks. 

As you can tell, the IWO 12 watch is a replica of the Apple Watch Series 8. Some consider it the best Apple watch clone.

Now is it worth it? Let’s find out! 

IWO Watch 12 Design – An exact replica 

The first time I looked at the IWO Watch 12, my jaw fell to the floor. It was an exact replica of the Apple Watch Series 5 and it surprisingly looks very good and solid. 

iwo 12 apple watch clone
IWO 12

It comes in two versions – 40mm & 44mm, just like the original. It’s the same size and diameters. 

Talking about the frame, it comes in Gold Aluminum, Silver Aluminum and Black Aluminum. It gives it that distinctive look, very similar to the Apple Watch 5. 

The straps on the IWO 12 Smartwatch are pretty epic, because there are more strap options than the original. There are around 50+ strap options, but they need to be purchased separately. 

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They cost about $4 per strap, which is quite reasonable. The straps that ships with the IWO 12 is the exact same as the original. It’s soft, it’s got ample holes for the perfect fit for wrists of any size.

It has the dial on the right and the button to turn on the display. 

Overall, the design of the IWO Watch 12 is pretty astounding. It’s an exact replica of the Apple Watch Series 5. 

IWO Watch 12 Display and Interface – Surprisingly Good 

The IWO 12 ticks the boxes when it comes to the size of the display. It comes in 40mm and 44mm versions. 

iwo 12 display

Display specs : HD IPS, 240 x 240 2.5D

The IPS LCD display is obviously no match for the Retina display from Apple. But having said that it’s pretty decent to the touch and it’s quite seamless without any lag. 

IWO 12 display clarity

The IWO 12 is also equipped with different watch faces, which is the exact same design that Apple ships out. So if you like the Apple Watch faces, you will like these as well.

What about the clarity? The details are sharp, they are clean and look really great! 

But there is one smaller detail that needs to be mentioned and it’s the bezels. If you look closely at the display, there is a thin area in the display that is a bezel and the content doesn’t display there. 

This is a small feature that most people don’t notice. This tells you that it’s not the original Apple Watch Series 5. 

IWO Watch 12 Features – Works as expected

This is where the IWO Watch 12 becomes a winner. It’s pretty easy to replicate the design and the look and feel. But what about the functionality?

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The IWO 12 wins hands down with its features and functionality.

  • You can receive app notifications, message, Facebook, Whatsapp and all other apps
  • You can make and answer calls by connecting the Bluetooth to the phone
  • Can monitor heart rate (But cannot verify the accuracy and the information should not be trusted) 
  • Tracks sleep, sporting activities, sedentary reminder
  • Can set alarms, world clock among others
  • Can remotely control the camera of your phone through the watch

In terms of features, this is what you can expect from any decent smartwatch. But having said that, you cannot verify if the information is accurate as it doesn’t have the GPS & Compass functionality. 

IWO Watch 12 Battery – Lesser than the original 

The IWO 12 battery is a 380 mAh with pretty decent battery life that is expected to last a few days. Considering it lacks certain features of the original like GPS. It makes it easier to conserve battery and also the LCD display does improve battery life as well.

IWO 12 Smartwatch Price – Is it worth it? 

Without a doubt. This is a perfect lookalike, that also works very similar to the Apple Watch. You can use it as a standalone watch with iPhones or Android and be still happy with it. This is by no means just a display watch. It works really well!

For the price tag of $67. It’s an easy decision. And you can tell, that’s why it’s so popular on Aliexpress. 

IWO 15 Ultra

The IWO 15 Ultra looks like it is an exact replica of the Watch Series 8 Ultra, but upon closer inspection there are some subtle differences such as, the display on the IWO 15 Ultra is slightly larger than the original, it uses a smaller but more efficient battery and lacks an accurate health monitoring system.

For roughly $35, this copy comes with a well designed body. There’s GPS tracking, wireless charging, NFC and Bluetooth calling, all wrapped in a premium aluminum casing. 

It even comes with the fully functional rotating crown on the side, which I feel lacks a premium finish. 

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Iwo smartwatch

However, while the IWO 15 Ultra looks and feels like the Apple Watch 8 Ultra, it doesn’t offer the same levels of performance.

There is a large 2.02” IPS display, but compared to the original, it doesn’t deliver the same level of depth or clarity. 

iwo watch apple

Also, the HS6621 chipset is much slower than the S8 Processor in the 8 Ultra and the only thing I did find to be quite decent is the battery backup where the IWO 15 Ultra can last up to 5-7 days on a single charge.

iwo 15 ultra

Since it’s currently the best copy of the Series 8 Ultra in the market and it’s available at such a low price, don’t expect performance or a build quality like the actual device that easily costs over $800. 

IWO Watch 12 on Aliexpress 

The IWO Watch 12 is available on Aliexpress and the product page, we’ve listed below has over 1,500 sales and a 4.7 positive rating. They ship to US, UK, Europe and all over the world. 

IWO Watch 12 on Amazon 

The IWO Watch 12 on Amazon isn’t the exact one you are looking for, but there is a similar alternative, that we’ve mentioned below. So unfortunately you cannot find the IWO Watch 12 on Amazon. 

IWO 12 vs IWO 13 vs IWO 14

You might have seen that a newer version of the IWO series is released and that is the IWO 14. Frankly, it hasn’t been tested yet and there are a lot of sellers who just claim they are selling a better version by increasing the numbers. The sales on IWO 14 or IWO 13 don’t reflect that they are ready for being the upgraded version of the IWO 12. 

So the best Apple watch series 5 clone is still the IWO 12. 

Apple Watch Lookalikes

The IWO series is by far the best looking Apple Watch lookalike. In terms of similarities with the Apple Watch, here’s what is common.

  • The shape and the design of the watch is the exact same with the rounded edges with the square interface.
  • Some of the watch interface looks similar to the Apple Watch. Some even look similar to the Amazfit GTS.
  • The other interface like settings, do not look like the Apple Watch and they cannot have the same look and feel.

What is an IWO Smartwatch?

The IWO Smartwatch is an Apple Watch replica with different versions getting released every year. The latest among the IWO watches that are incredibly popular are the IWO W26 which has become a rage. When there are new Apple Watch releases, there are IWO watch releases as well.

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