Sex Dolls China | Worth it to buy and ship from Aliexpress?

by Tim Howard

Adult sex dolls have become quite the rage during the pandemic. There is so much demand that sex doll manufacturers aren’t able to keep up with demand. 

Having said that, there are still a lot of people that are hesitant about buying sex dolls from China. Is it worth it? Is it safe? Is it legitimate? 

Today we do a review on Sex dolls in China and let you know if it’s worth it or not. 

Sex Dolls From China

Sex Doll Options 

If you are clueless about buying Sex Dolls from China, this guide will help you out. There are numerous factors that goes in deciding the right sex doll and we cover them all. 

Firstly, there are a lot of sex doll options, in terms of a look. You can find Japanese Sex Dolls, Asian Sex Dolls, Caucasian sex doll, black sex doll and more. 

You get to choose the features of the sex doll. Here are the following options. 


The sex dolls range from $89 just for a body part to $1800+. The mid-range dolls cost around $500 which is the average cost. As most of the store sellers offer Free shipping on Sex dolls, it doesn’t add more to the cost. Especially if you are in Europe, Korea or the United States.

Sex Doll Material & Quality 

So what’s the quality of the sex doll like? 

The quality of the sex doll is outstanding. It’s made of a TPE which is a Thermoplastic Elastomer. This a rubbery king of material that is firm and at the same time can be squeezed. It’s the perfect material because it gives firmness and flexibility at the same time.

All the products across sellers sell sex dolls with the same material and quality. The Sex dolls can be used for years without any wear & tear if its taken care of properly.

The flexibility of the sex doll is because of the alloy skeleten frame that gives the stability. The sex doll can be made to stand, sit or placed in various other positions, which we’ll get to in a bit. 

There are clear instructions regarding the upkeep of the sex doll that can make it long lasting. 

Picking a Sex Doll 

The choice for Sex dolls in China is numerous. You can pick the sex doll based on numerous parameters that includes

  • Size of the bust
  • Height
  • Leg length
  • Foot length
  • Private part length
  • Waist length
  • Hip length
  • Weight

Most sex dolls weigh anywhere between 20 kgs to 33 kgs. You don’t have to choose a sex doll with the entire body, you can buy the body parts separately if you wish.

Apart from that, one can choose the sex doll based on the following parameters.  

Wig selection

You can select the wig colour of the doll. The wig is a synthetic wig that can be washed and maintained properly. The wig colour also can be picked. It ranges from blonde,black,grey, red and more. 

Skin Selection

Most sex doll sellers on Aliexpress offer sex dolls of different skin types. The popular ones are brown skin, natural color skin and the skin displayed in the photo. 

Eye Selection

Some doll sellers give the option to pick the colour of the eyes. The eye colour options are green, hazel, blue and more. 

Nail Selection

If you want to go one step further, you can pick the nail colour of your sex doll. 

There are other aspects that can be custom made and charge a bit extra. Some features include sounds and body heat and other removable body parts. 


The installation process is pretty easy. As it’s made of alloy screws, the head. And the joints can be installed separately on the torso. 

The eyes also can be installed separately and it’s quite easy to set up. Installation isn’t hard at all. Anybody can install these sex dolls within a few minutes.


The positions of sex dolls is a very important aspect. Most manufacturers customized the positions of the sex dolls. But the standards positions are

  • The head can be tiled to be about 40 degrees
  • The arm can be raised up to the chest level and move up to 60 degrees and it can be pushed back to up to 20 degrees
  • The arm can be rotated to about 90 degrees in one direction
  • The knee can bend about 60 degrees
  • The legs can be split to about 180 degrees 

Shipping Options & Packaging 

The best thing about sex dolls are, there are numerous shipping options. The sex dolls ship from countries in Europe such as Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, France, Italy, Latvia. It also ships from China, United States, Russia and Korea. 

Customs & Tax

There are no taxes or custom duty in Europe, United States and Russia for sex dolls.


The life of the doll is dependent on how well you take care of it. 

  • The doll should be not be placed in direct sunlight
  • Should avoid excessive dust because the dolls are made of TPE material that are pretty sticky and the dust can stick on them
  • The doll should not be placed in water or should not be placed in a humid environment as the surface is a bit absorbent
  • The temperature of the environment should also be regulated as the doll cannot be in an environment that is too hot or cold 
  • The doll needs to be treated with powder to make it soft.

Top Sex Doll Stores on Aliexpress 

Now that you are aware of the sex dolls and their quality from China. You need to find out the right stores from where they can be purchased.

sex dolls from china


The CozSX store is a realistic sex doll seller on Aliexpress and their one of the top rated sellers with a 99% positive rating. They’ve been around for 4 years and they have some of the best and most realistic sex dolls.

They have 132 cm, 165 cm and 170cm sex dolls. You can buy sex dolls for as cheap as $210 and as expensive as $800. The sex dolls in this store are made of silicone and have awesome customizations.

The best part about the Sex dolls from CozSX is they ship from China, Czech republic, United States, Spain, Australia, Russian Federation, France, Italy, Latvia and Korea.

The hair colour and skin tone can be picked by the buyer.

Check out the store here


The Yisnale Store has a 96.3% positive rating and has 3270+ followers. They’ve been around for a year and have some amazing sex dolls. The most popular selling sex doll on Aliexpress is from this store.

In terms of the look of the sex dolls, the Yisnale store has a great variety. Asian, Japanese, White, Black and other skin tones and looks.

You can purchase only the head of the sex doll and it’s cheap at around $89. The Yisnale store offers Free shipping to most countries in Europe and in the United States and Russia.

Extra functions cost more.

Check out the store here


The Red Angle store is a ‘Top Brand’ on Aliexpress and one of the most popular sex dolls stores in China. In my opinion, they have some of the most realistic sex dolls especially when it comes to the features of the face.

The sex doll price ranges from $127 to $1811. The expensive price is because of the standing dolls. There is a 90 day buyer protection moneyback guarantee on the products sold in the RedAngle store. This is a big boon for buyers who are not happy with their purchases.

They ship to over 15 to 20 countries in Europe and it takes 3 to 15 days. For the Russian customers, it takes 20 to 55 days. For Korean customers it arrives in 3 to 5 days.

Check out the store here

Are Sex Dolls from China Worth it?

We review the sex dolls from Aliexpress and see if paying $100 is worth it

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