Which are the Best Chinese Zodiac Books to Buy? Top Rated Chinese Zodiac e-Books

by Tim Howard

Unlock the mystical world of the Chinese Zodiac with this guide on the best Chinese Zodiac books.

From timeless classics to modern interpretations, this handpicked selection of Chinese Zodiac books promises to illuminate and inspire.

I’ll list out 10 Chinese Zodiac books so you can check them out yourself. They all are paid e-Books, but if you’re keen on learning about the Chinese Zodiac, then these books will give you all the answers you’re looking for.

Let’s begin.

Best Chinese Zodiac BooksPrice
The New Chinese Astrology by Suzanne White$21.50
Unveil Your Destiny by Vincent Koh$58.00
The Chinese Horoscopes Guide to Relationships: Love and Marriage, Friendship and Business by Theodora Lau$13.34
The Empyrean Matrix by Rick Lim$36.92
Ba Zi – The Four Pillars of Destiny: Understanding Character, Relationships and Potential Through Chinese Astrology by Serge Augier$19.95
Secrets Of Your Birth Chart by Lillian Too$25.97
Encyclopedia of Chinese Astrology by Tri Lam$29.00
The Destiny Code by Joey Yap$32.56
Chinese Astrology Plain & Simple: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need by Jonathan Dee$13.95
The Complete Book of Chinese Horoscopes by Lori Reed$29.81
Chinese Astrology: Decode the Zodiac to Live Your Best Life by Marites Allen$28.00

11 Top Rated Chinese Zodiac Books You Must Read!

The New Chinese Astrology by Suzanne White

If you want to learn about astrology, who better to learn it from than a world-renowned astrologer? Suzanne White has very diligently and uncomplicatedly laid down everything there is to know about Chinese astrology.

Figuring out your sign, what qualities govern you, which animal represents you can be a task. But Suzanne has demystified the often misunderstood and complex Chinese form of the zodiac.

This book acts as a guide for all those who want to stay vigilant and warned about their special capabilities, special characteristics and health issues that can affect them the most. It doesn’t hurt to stay prepared, does it?

The book is laid out with quippy remarks, insightful advice and a whole load of knowledge about compatibility and explanations about why people behave the way they behave. It can be quite a riveting read.

Unveil Your Destiny by Vincent Koh

It isn’t absolutely necessary, but I’d suggest you read Vincent Koh’s Hsia Calendar (English) before you move on to Unveil your Destiny. That book is a great introduction to these beliefs and practices and gives a practical guide to implement feng shui.

This book, Unveil your Destiny, however, is more about crunched and condensed data that makes your eight characters and Ba Zi. With all of that information, this book lets you come to conclusions of your own about your destiny.

The book outlines stories about the twenty-four seasons of birth and their sub seasons, the elemental relationships with your destiny, what the earthly bench symbolic stars are, what your particular strengths are based on what your element is.

What’s most favourable to you and a basic analysis from these conclusions. The best part although is that there are perfectly logical explanations that are illustrated in the book with examples!

The Chinese Horoscopes Guide to Relationships: Love and Marriage, Friendship and Business by Theodora Lau

Our everyday life is constituted by relationships. It is everywhere with our parents, children, spouses, friends, service providers, colleagues. It is endless. It only makes sense that you hope you’re in bed with the right people (pun intended).

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Sometimes, when you’re feeling miffed and are in a constant dispute with someone in your life, you can’t seem to understand why. You automatically wonder if it is because they’re an Ox and you’re a Tiger?

It is perfectly fine to be careful before making life-changing or significant choices and ask yourself twice that you should be hiring a Pig for this project because of their flexibility and compatibility with you.

This book will provide you with insights into people’s personality traits, understand tier quirks — even your own for that matter. Getting to know yourself will teach you how to deal with other personalities and always guarantee what’s best for you.

The Empyrean Matrix by Rick Lim

Everyone has heard of Ba Zi and the four pillars but Purple Star is the lesser-known sub branch of Chinese Zodiac and astrology for one reason alone. People find it a bit complex to understand in comparison to Ba Zi.

This book demystifies Zi Wei Dou Shu and provides a detailed account and description of reading and forming astrological charts. Finally, a book that allows you, readers, to manually plot a chart instead of having to depend on some ridiculous CD, that too in English!

The Empyrean Matrix has an excessively detailed description of everything pertaining to level Jia (Ist level), counting it all 36, and additionally, there is some information on minor stars that exist in other levels. This book is the first of the trilogy and it is followed by Prosperity Sigma and Hidden Laws by Y.M. Lim.

Ba Zi – The Four Pillars of Destiny: Understanding Character, Relationships and Potential Through Chinese Astrology by Serge Augier

This short read is an elaborate insight into Ba Zi, the Chinese astrology. It is especially useful for Westerners who are new to the concept, trying to understand the system of the Chinese Zodiac in depth.

The book outlines how the charts line up, how they are drawn, what affects it and how it can affect you. Finally, it gives you all the tools that you may need to understand yourselves and your relationship with those that matter to you.

This guide will prove as a conduct to help you understand how the engines, right from your birth till death, govern you and have an all-seeing impact on your everyday lives. You can also set a foundation if you’re looking to read up on yin yang and the five elements.

This book is easily understood by beginners, but it is not limited to that. For experienced learners of the Chinese zodiac, this book has plenty of rich explanations into the more detailed nitty-gritty of Ba Zi.

Secrets Of Your Birth Chart by Lillian Too

Who doesn’t want to know what their future holds and what they are capable of? If you had a way you would pursue that, wouldn’t you? If it was going wrong, you’d want to know what you can do to rectify it.

Well, in this book, you will find that Lillian Too has laid down steps that are easy to follow and ensured that at the end of it, you will be able to read your own paht chee chart.

This book is extremely comprehensive and properly illustrates the charts and methods of reading them. You will now be able to know more about your destiny, what causes the highs and lows of your life,  and everything that influences your behaviours and environment.

Encyclopedia of Chinese Astrology by Tri Lam

Probably one of the only books to exist that encompasses the vastness of Chinese Astrology, all in one. And you’d think, as an encyclopedia they’d skimp and give the gist of terms, but no.

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Tri Lam went overboard and provided a good, long and detailed analysis of Chinese astrology. Tri Lam opines that the common 12 signs method of the Chinese zodiac that is known to the Western world is hardly ever used by the Chinese themselves.

In fact, they use the “Star of the King” method, which is elaborately explained in this book.

The book includes terminology, concepts, ideas and theories of palmistry, the sky chart, I Ching, traditional astrology, face reading and feng shui. All of these cultural beliefs and observations have been made in the Chinese culture for generations before they perfected it.

I have hardly ever come across a book that can include so much, such a vast variety of knowledge in one. This has got to be one of the best Chinese Zodiac books.

The Destiny Code by Joey Yap

There’s a swell way to prevent the whole midlife existential crisis that we all go through when worst comes to worst, when things don’t happen our way of life simply is too much of a surprise. More than you can handle it.

The way: Well, it won’t exactly lay down what your future holds, but it keeps you warm, vigilant and aware of what your situation is going to be like.

I’m talking about The Destiny Code by Joey Yap. This book will help you make decisions that concern your life and further help you take a step in the direction of your destiny, not away from it.

Chinese Astrology Plain & Simple: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need by Jonathan Dee

The title of the book says it all. It is the only book you’ll ever need to educate yourself about Chinese astrology and the zodiac. (Of course, as avid readers you can branch out. We don’t have to listen to Jonathan Dee).

Without reading much, this book acts as a shortcut to in-depth knowledge about history, charts, legends of Chinese astrology.

With the aid of this book, you can easily work out your horoscope, your lucky numbers for the year, and month. Its compactness amazes me because of how detailed the book is.

Each sign’s significance, strengths and weaknesses are laid down to understand in-depth without it becoming cumbersome. I’d say that sure is a valid reason to put something on a list that constitutes the best Chinese zodiac books.

The Complete Book of Chinese Horoscopes by Lori Reed

Best Chinese Zodiac Book

“The Complete Book of Chinese Horoscopes” by Lori Reed is a comprehensive guide to the Chinese Zodiac system.

It offers in-depth analysis of each of the twelve zodiac signs, including their personality traits, compatibility with other signs, and fate in various areas of life such as career, love, and health.

The book also includes practical tips and advice to help readers understand and make the most of their zodiac sign.

With its clear and concise writing style, this book is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the Chinese Zodiac and its influence on their lives.

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Whether you are a seasoned astrology enthusiast or just starting to explore this fascinating subject, “The Complete Book of Chinese Horoscopes” is a must-read.

Chinese Astrology: Decode the Zodiac to Live Your Best Life by Marites Allen

Best Chinese Zodiac Book

“Chinese Astrology: Decode the Zodiac to Live Your Best Life” by Marites Allen is a comprehensive guide to Chinese astrology, providing in-depth analysis of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, the Five Elements, and their influences on people’s lives.

The book covers the basics of Chinese astrology and its history, delving into the characteristics and compatibility of each zodiac sign. It also provides practical tips on how to use the knowledge of the zodiac to improve one’s life, including how to select the right career, attract wealth and love, and live in harmony with the elements.

One of the strengths of the book is its accessibility, as Allen presents complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, making it ideal for both beginners and those with more advanced knowledge of Chinese astrology. The book also includes practical exercises and meditations, as well as a comprehensive compatibility guide, helping readers to get the most out of their zodiac sign.

Do Chinese Zodiac books explain which signs are compatible?

Yes, many Chinese zodiac books will include information about compatibility between the different zodiac signs. In traditional Chinese astrology, each sign is believed to have distinct personality traits and characteristics, and these are used to determine compatibility between two people.

For example, some signs may be considered compatible because they complement each other well and bring out the best in each other, while other signs may be seen as incompatible because they clash or bring out each other’s worst traits.

It’s important to note that this information is based on cultural beliefs and is not a scientific method for determining compatibility. Some people may find these compatibility predictions to be helpful or informative, while others may not put much stock in them.

How do I find the best book on the Chinese Zodiac?

  • Determine your goals: What do you hope to gain from reading a book on the Chinese zodiac? Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to the subject, or a more general overview? Do you want to learn about compatibility between the signs, or focus on the cultural and historical aspects of the zodiac?
  • Research different books: Look for books on the Chinese zodiac that are written by reputable authors or published by reputable sources. Read descriptions, reviews, and sample chapters to get an idea of what each book covers and how it’s written. Books like the The New Chinese Astrology by Suzanne White and The Complete Book of Chinese Horoscopes by Lori Reed are two of the most detailed books on the Zodiac i’ve come across and are pretty informative when it comes to all you should know about the Zodiac.
  • Consider the author’s background: Look for books written by authors who have experience or expertise in Chinese astrology, mythology, or culture. These authors are likely to provide more accurate and informed information. Some authors like Theodora Lau and Tri Lam are well versed in the topic and most of their information is pretty accurate to say the least.
  • Read multiple books: Don’t limit yourself to just one book. Read a variety of books to get a well-rounded understanding of the subject and to compare different perspectives.
  • Look for books that resonate with you: Ultimately, the best book for you is the one that you enjoy reading and that provides the information you’re looking for. If a book doesn’t seem to be a good fit, don’t be afraid to move on to another one.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to finding the best Chinese zodiac book for you.

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