Temu Review 2024 | A Firsthand Account of Using the Temu Website and App

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Temu has taken over the online shopping space like a storm and in under 60 days they have managed to rank number 1 on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store which is not an easy task since the market is dominated by big players like AliExpress and Amazon.

Ever since I first heard of this brand, I knew that I had to check them out and when I first visited their website I was shocked to find just how cheap and affordable their products are. 

I later downloaded their app and have since been hooked, because from what I can tell, Temu adds new products on a daily basis. Knowing this, I kept returning to the app to see what else I could find and it became a never ending cycle.

Off the bat I can say that Temu has a really easy to navigate website and app. There are thousands of products to choose from that are segregated based on different categories making it easier to find a particular item.

Moreover, I did find Temu to be a lot faster than some sites in terms of loading images and webpages and the prices of their products are to die for.

Let me take you through my Temu review and see if It had a positive or negative impact on my online shopping experience. I’ll even include some testimonials by other buyers who have used Temu and loved their services.

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Temu Review

Temu is easy to access, the URL is simply Temu.com and entering the same in any web browser will directly pull up the Temu home page. Similarly, the app can be downloaded from the Play Store or App store for free.

Right off the bat, I can tell you that Temu looks eerily close to AliExpress and Shein with a similar layout and range of products available. 

The site and app are super responsive and luckily there were no lags while navigating through the different categories and products. 

Temu’s Layout & Ease of Use

To start things off, the Temu layout is quite simple and straightforward. The homepage comes with a banner at the top listing out the top product categories and there’s even a menu bar to access your personal account, contact the support team, search for products and even find the top selling products on Temu.

The app on the other hand has these options listed in the footer.

Temu Review

While scrolling through the homepage I came across loads of deals and discounts including recommendations such as shops, styles, personal interests and more.

Each product that was listed comes with the price, rating and the total number of sales making it easier to find good quality products without spending too much time. 

Temu Review

There’s even an add to cart option provided so I didn’t have to open the product page to purchase the item.

At the bottom of the website sits the footer bar which has links to the Temu app on the Play Store as well as the App Store and a bunch of other helpful links that redirect to pages such as the shipping policy, refund policy, support center, contact us page and even an influencer collaboration page.

The same can be found on the app by navigating to the You button in the footer and then clicking on Support/Settings.

Temu Review

Towards the bottom right corner of the website sits a small popup box with shortcut options to access the customer support chat box and to leave feedback for the website. This is one thing that is not available on the app, be it Android or iOS and should be addressed in a later update i feel.

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Adding the chat popup will prove to be rather helpful as it’s a lot easier to contact the support team on any page rather than opening the designated customer support webpage to raise a ticket or get a real-time response.

Temu Review

Product pages were also quite informative, there were loads of options to choose from such as the color, size, and so on and I was also able to find the returns policy, shipping information as well as reviews of the product and the store with images.

The one thing I felt that Temu should have included is a small description for the products or at least made it mandatory for the sellers to add one instead of just the specifications. But other than that, the overall layout and ease of use made Temu a fun platform to explore.

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Searching for Products on Temu

Temu has tied up with thousands of sellers worldwide and now there are more products than most online shopping websites out there.

They offer categories such as electronics, appliances, fashion, automotive, pet supplies, bags, jewelry, musical instruments, home improvement and even industrial tools and machines. 

Temu Review

And if I was unable to find something based on just the category, I could simply use the search bar tool to try and locate the item by its name. To find items on the app, I could click on the search button located in the upper right corner of the screen and then type out the name of the product to try and search for it.

Temu has something for everyone, kids to the elderly and a majority of the products listed have reviews and buyer images so it’s easier to check the authenticity of an item before making a purchase. 

Now, with Christmas around the bend, there’s already a designated Christmas page with themed decorations, accessories, clothes and more. 

Here products from the smallest mistletoe to a full sized Christmas decorations are listed and the best part is that everything starts at $0.99 making it a lot cheaper to buy from than most other e-commerce sites in the US.

Another thing I did notice is Temu has a section that’s titled New Arrivals which lists only the most recent products that were added to the Temu catalog and from what I can tell, a majority of them don’t have any reviews. 

Temu Review

Some of these products do come with reviews, but there are a handful that I’d recommend staying away from because it’s unclear whether or not those products are of good quality or not.

Searching for products on Temu is also easy thanks to the robust filters on the website and the app. The filters can be used to locate certain products based on various criteria such as material, care instructions, pattern, style, details, price range and size.

Placing an Order on Temu

While adding products to the cart, I noticed a secondary panel open on the right side of the website with a summary of what’s currently in the cart. This panel showed me the discounts that have been applied as well as an option to modify the count of the order by clicking on the dropdown and changing the number.

This is not available on the app and the only thing I came across was a floating View Cart button that took me straight to the cart page.

The Cart page or Order Summary page shows the total number of items in the cart and other information such as discounts, deals and if the item has gone out of stock in the meantime.

Products can either be removed from the cart or can be deselected so they don’t go through in the same order. All deselected products will remain in a wishlist and can be purchased at a later time or date depending on its availability.

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While clicking the Checkout button on the page the website redirects to the Order Confirmation page where I was able to select the delivery address, my shipping method, add or remove any coupons and even select my payment mode.

Temu Review

Currently I could only find two available shipping options; Standard and Express and from what I can tell, they both have a rough delivery time of around 7-8 days. However, Temu is one of the few platforms that offer a credit for late deliveries and this credit will get added to the Credit Balance section on the account.

Credits can be availed on orders by choosing the credit value on the checkout page. There’s even a section on the checkout page to enter coupon codes to avail discounts on the overall order value.

Temu currently only supports credit/debit cards, PayPal and Google Pay. Afterpay and Klarna are available only to those who have accounts with those respective institutions and have signed in using the same email address.

All in all I found placing an order on Temu to be quite a hassle free experience and it didn’t take me more than 5 minutes to complete the checkout process.

As a friendly tip, save a couple of addresses in your profile to make it easier for you to choose between different delivery addresses on the checkout page. To add multiple addresses, click on your account icon and then tap on Addresses followed by “Add a new address”.

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Customer Support Availability on Temu

Quite like how easy the website and app is to use, getting in touch with the Temu customer support team to clarify doubts is super easy on both the site and the app. 

Chat options are available for a quicker response rate and the best part about Temu is that they provide support 24/7, so it’s a lot better than some sites that offer real-time support only 8 hours of the day.

I had a couple of quick pre-sale questions and it didn’t take more than a couple of seconds to get a response from them.

At first, the representatives shared quick resolutions that are readily available in the help section of the website and the app. Only if the query needs a little more explanation will the rep share an actual response and try resolving the issue.

Temu Review

While chatting is a good option, their email support is equally fast at delivering responses. The first revert will be an automated response with a ticket number, but the main answer to the question will be delivered in the following email and normally that should be more than enough to resolve any query.

The final option available is to reach out to Temu via the phone. The number listed on their website is 1-888-480-8368 and it takes me straight to the IVR where a series of questions will be asked prior to getting connected with a support agent.

From my experience, Temu offers quick support with a fast turnaround time for most queries. The resolutions provided are satisfactory and there’s an option to view the tickets raised in the past as well as what’s ongoing.

Temu After Sales Review

Taking the overall quality of the products into consideration, Temu delivers good quality items most of the time. It’s only the unknown sellers and new small stores that are a little sketchy because of the lack of user reviews and product images or information.

Most of their products are made from good quality materials and what you see is what you get. But there have been some instances where I’ve either found some of the clothes to be smaller than the actual size or shoes to have minor changes in the end design.

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But other than that I must commend their ability to deliver good quality products at literal throwaway prices.

Genuine Temu Reviews from Buyers

I LOVE TEMU! Won lots of presents by playing their games – me and my kids are delighted. Temu gives a speedy delivery and free returns, much better than AliExpress and other similar retailers.

You can access their games or receive money off vouchers or a discount by using these 9-digit codes

Sarah Joy – Trustpilot

Twice I sent back articles via the post office – FRee of charge – imagine my surprise when I received an email thanking me for the return and said the money would be in my bank account shortly . It was – the NEXT day !!! This has happened twice. Thank you Temu for your fantastic service. I shall continue shopping with your fantastic website, and pass on my thoughts about your service to my friends.

Rosemary Savage – Trustpilot

I was a bit skeptical if this was a legitimate site, I decided to buy a few things and they were delivered within a week sent from China, I have bought a lot more things and can’t believe the prices and the quality. How do they make money selling at these prices and free delivery. Some really amazing products at such low prices. I will be buying a lot more.

David – Trustpilot

Placed my first ever order on Temu in september/october and I’ve had very few issues! There was one small christmas decoration missing from one of my orders, and one pair of shoes were the wrong size but I was refunded both times within the hour. The sizes are occationally off and some of the clothes doesn’t really scream “quality” but you get what you pay for and unlike other sites they always have real product photos (but also some fake ones). Shoes and denim are the highest quality products that I’ve tries ordering.

Gunnhild Resell – Trustpilot

I absolutely love Temu , everything I have brought from them I am thrilled with , I am so addicted to this site and always looking on there for my next order , I don.t care if they are in China or wherever they are great and so quick with shipping and the prices are fantastic , they will always have my support because it’s like Christmas when you get the package and open it to see everything I have never been disappointed by them yet .keep up the good work Temu.

TAMASIN Williams – Trustpilot


Well there you have it, Temu is a great e-commerce site with loads to choose from. I had a great time using their website and app as well as had an excellent experience communicating with their support staff. They are in a very competitive market and have managed to pull through thanks to their quality checks and quick customer service.

Temu has a long way to go in America and while their products are cheap and affordable, there is the issue with the delivery and how long orders generally take to arrive. 

Sites like Amazon are able to deliver within 2-3 working days, however since products are shipped from all around the world, 7-8 days on an average is not too long to get worked up for.

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