Best Xiaomi Themes 2022 | For MIUI 12 and Above

by Tim Howard

Are you looking to download the best Xiaomi themes onto your smartphone? If yes, then this article is for you. 

Xiaomi smartphones running on MIUI 12 or higher are designed to support stock and even third-party themes and I must say, some of these themes are pretty snazzy. They help provide a customized experience and will change the complete appearance of your phone.

The themes we’re going to cover today are some of the most customizable and well-designed themes. You will be able to create new lock screens, have different icons added and even experience new and improved features. 

But with there being well over 10k different themes on the Xiaomi database, it gets rather difficult to choose the best looking Xiaomi theme. I’m going to take you through some of the best Xiaomi themes you can download today on MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5.

  • Android 10 Dark DWM2
  • Pineapple Theme
  • PixPie Theme
  • Pixel Experience Dark Theme
  • Android One Theme
  • Pixel Q Theme
  • Android Go V2
  • Oxygen 999 Theme

Install Xiaomi Themes using Themes App

  • Open the Themes App on your Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Type out the name of the theme as mentioned in the labels below.
  • Once the theme loads in the app, click on download.
  • Themes that are marked with the label Premium would require you to watch an Ad in order to download them.
  • When the theme has downloaded onto your smartphone click on the button labeled Apply.
  • Now tap on Done and head back to the home screen to view the new theme.

Install Xiaomi .Mtz Themes

Unlike the easy process mentioned above, installing a .Mtz file of a custom theme is slightly lengthy and would require you to download another software from the Play Store – “MIUI Theme Editor”.

  • Start by downloading the desired theme file from the link you found.
  • Now download the MIUI Theme Editor app from Google Play Store.
  • Open the theme editor app and then select the downloaded .Mtz file from your device.
  • Install the file onto your Xiaomi device. During this process you will be made to watch an ad, wait till it has finished playing.
  • Now you will receive a notification stating that the installation has been completed.
  • Tap on Done and navigate to the home screen to view your new theme.

Best Xiaomi Themes

Android 10 Dark DWM2


The Android 10 Dark DWM2 is a Dark and Light theme for Xiaomi devices that has been rated as one of the most customizable themes on the MI Store. The theme permits you to create and modify your lock screen, home screen, apps and even icons without any hassle. 

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While using this theme you can toggle between dark and light modes with the tap of a button. This theme has the ability to change the shapes of your icons depending on the type of stock wallpaper you use. With the Android 10 Dark DWM2 theme, can also change fonts and customize the appearance of the app drawer.

Main Features

  • Base 4×5 grid 
  • Customizable fonts, icons, home screen, lock screen, dialer, apps and more
  • App Drawer can be customized

Pineapple Theme

pineapple xiaomi theme

The Pineapple theme on Xiaomi smartphones is one of the most fluid and minimalistic themes out there. It is well designed and has a clean layout with some pretty cool features that will make you fall in love with this theme. It’s a premium theme that you can download for free and will make your Xiaomi stand out from the rest.

The interface is easy to navigate and you can do so much with this theme such as customize your home screen, icon sizes, grid sizes and more. It’s a light theme and on the home page if you swipe left and right you will gain access to additional widgets that can be customized.

Main Features

  • Well designed settings panel on the home screen
  • Fluid performance and transitions
  • Icons, home screen, lock screen grid sizes and font can be customized
  • Uniform layout across all apps

Pixel Pie Theme

Pixel Pie is a custom built theme that uses two of Androids premium interfaces, from the Google Pixel devices and Android 10. It’s a fun to use theme that lets you change from light to dark mode within seconds. You are even allowed to customize the status bar and notification bar from within the theme settings.

The dark version of the Pixel Pie theme for Xiaomi smartphones is beautiful and will give your phone a nice look. The best feature about this theme is that it truly converts your Xiaomi device into a stock Android one and you will have the complete Android experience with this Xiaomi theme.

Main Features

  • Customizable lock screens, status bar, notifications, system apps, wallpapers and more
  • Can toggle between dark and light modes
  • Offers a true Android experience on MIUI

Pixel Experience Dark Theme

If you’re looking for a nice theme to install on your Xiaomi device and are satisfied with the appearance of the Google Pixel and that user interface, then you should download the Pixel Experience Dark Theme. This Xiaomi theme lets you have the whole Pixel experience on your smartphone and you get the same animations, settings, and fonts that are available on Pixel devices.

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Designed for MIUI 12, the Pixel Experience Dark Theme lets you customize pretty much anything on your Xiaomi device from the wallpaper and home screen to other key system elements such as the shut-off screen, volume controls and even the status bar. 

Main Features

  • Equipped with exclusive fonts
  • Customizable home and lock screens, notification bar, and more.
  • Well designed dark theme with good stock wallpapers and icons

Android One Theme

There’s more than one Android user interface and one of the most popular variants is the Android One user interface. Developers have worked on the code to provide Xiaomi and MIUI users with a theme that i’m glad to call a complete package.

It’s pleasant to look at and you can choose between having a minimalistic finish or add custom built widgets and icons to your phone. You will notice a change in the notifications and status bar of your Xiaomi device. The Android One theme for Xiaomi devices is probably one of the most downloaded themes on the store and it’s something I will recommend you download.

Main Features

  • Android One icons and folder icons
  • Choose between squircle and circle icons
  • User interface is fluid and easy to navigate
  • Customizable home screen, icons, notifications and status bar

Pixel Q Theme

If you need a cool looking MIUI theme that blends the Pixel user interface along with Android Q. It’s one of the most popular themes used on Xiaomi smartphones and is one of the few themes on the MIUI store that will not only modify your wallpaper but even your keyboard as well.

The Pixel Q theme gives you the feeling that you’re using an official Android smartphone, but comes loaded with a whole bunch of features and abilities that make this one stand out from the rest.

Main Features

  • The Pixel Q theme gets applied to the keyboard and wallpaper along with the settings app
  • The lock screen changes to the Android lock screen
  • Icons are modified to deliver an authentic Android Q experience
  • Theme does not take in much power and will not hamper the performance of your device.

Android Go V2

The Android Go V2 theme for Xiaomi devices is a clean and clutter-free theme that provides users with some pretty impressive customizations and advanced options. It’s built to deliver a fast and seamless experience on your Xiaomi smartphone and uses a simple interface making it easy to navigate.

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This theme comes equipped with a quick settings panel that can be customized to contain different widgets and apps of your choice. If you want a theme that’s bright, fast and does not hamper the overall performance of the device, then the Android Go V2 is the one you should download right away.

Main Features

  • Modifiable quick settings panel on the home screen
  • Nice minimalistic rounded icons
  • High performance theme with low power requirements

Oxygen 999 Theme

Oxygen OS is the platform running on OnePlus devices. It’s a variant of Android for OnePlus smartphones and there’s now a theme for your Xiaomi smartphones that can make it look like you’re using a OnePlus smartphone.

This theme is minimal and unlike the rest of the options on this page, the Oxygen 999 theme does not permit any serious modifications or customization to your Xiaomi device. It’s smooth to use and the home screen and lock screen are based on the Android Nougat look.

Main Features

  • Complete change to the status bar, notifications, icons, home screen and lock screen
  • One of the best looking themes in the market
  • Customizations are restricted to the bare minimum


Is it safe to install Xiaomi themes?

It is safe to download and install Xiaomi themes especially if you download and install them directly from the Xiaomi theme store. Third-party themes that are available on the internet might not be safe to use and can cause unforeseen complications.

Does MIUI themes drain your Xiaomi battery?

In short, yes they do. Depending on the file size and how bulky the theme is, you will experience a minimum 10-15% drop in battery life on a daily basis.

Why is my MIUI theme not working?

There are many reasons why the theme might be faulty and will not work on your device. You will have to make sure that the theme is set to the right region and then restart your device. At times you will also face issues with the layout, sizing of icons, home screen freezing and more, these are generally fixed by installing an update of the theme.

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