Is It Safe To Buy Shoes from Dhgate? Logos, Sizes and More

by Tim Howard

Dhgate shoes are GREAT! But sometimes they aren’t that good because of a bad seller. This hit or a miss combination is what makes Dhgate a tricky place to buy replica shoes online. I answer all the common questions you have about Dhgate based on My experience.

I’ve purchased over 20 shoes from Dhgate over the years. The only reason that number is not higher is because the shoes have lasted me a long time and some I have not unboxed as a collectible.

So let’s answer these questions.

Do Dhgate shoes look real?

I’ve gone through hundreds of shoes on Dhgate and in my research I look at a lot of Reddit posts as well. They are as genuine as it comes. Here are a few examples of shoes from Dhgate.

Can you identify if they are genuine or not?

The replica shoes that you find on Dhgate look very similar to the originals. The only difference is the branding and logo may be slightly different. But if you are looking for a perfect replica, then Dhgate will definitely meet your needs.

Here are some of the shoes I’ve purchased. You can see the differences.

dhgate replica shoes
One real and one is fake, guess which one
do dhgate shoes have logo
do dhgate shoes look real
how do Dhgate replicas look
this is how dhgate replicas look
Dhgate replicas
dhgate shoes replica

Are dhgate shoes real?

The answer is, unfortunately, it’s difficult to say for certain.

In general, most people would agree that buying shoes from an online marketplace like Dhgate can be a riskier proposition than shopping at brick-and-mortar stores.

The real answer is, it depends. If you are looking for authentic, Nike, Yeezy shoes, then the answer is no. Dhgate shoes are not authentic branded shoes, but they are replica fake shoes.

DHgate shoes are a hit or a miss unfortunately and because of this there has been a trust deficit with the platform.

Do DHgate shoes run small?

No there are no pre-determined sizes in which dhgate shoes run; they are made to order, If you want.

Do not buy a shoe on DHgate without discussing it with the seller as sizes differ from China and the rest of the world. A size may be available on DHgate and then the replica shoe company decides what is a good fit for their customer’s feet. They have all sizes from 2 to 12 which may not be the size you are looking for.

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Generally speaking Chinese shoe sizes are smaller than US or UK shoe sizes and it’s better to speak to the seller about the size in centimeters before you place your order.

Do DHgate Shoes have logos?

No, replica shoes from Dhgate do not have any logos. Especially the ones that you buy off the platform. If you want logos on your replica shoes, then you need to speak to the supplier and ask them if they’ll add it. Most sellers on Dhgate are responsive and will be able to add logos if you want it.

Does Dhgate Sell Fake shoes?

Dhgate does sell fake shoes that are fake in the sense that they aren’t real branded shoes of Nike, Yeezy , Adidas, Jordans and so on. But they aren’t fake in the sense that they are bad quality. The shoe quality on Dhgate is top notch. Based on my experience, out of 20 purchases, 3 shoes were of bad quality, the others were great.

Do Dhgate come with Nike logos?

No, Nike logos are not common on shoes sold off the platform. You may find some sellers who will add them to their shoes but it is not usually part of the design. Dhgate sellers cannot add it because of the copyright infringement. The Nike shoes on Dhgate are designer inspired. You can get a logo added to your shoe privately.

What are the risks associated with buying shoes from Dhgate?

There are no specific risks associated with buying shoes from Dhgate. However, always make sure to do your research before making a purchase and be aware of the possible scams that could befall you.

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Here are some of the risks of buying shoes from Dhgate

  • If you wanted a shoe with a logo and it comes without a logo of the brand you’re looking for
  • A super cheap shop might be of very bad quality of wear off quickly
  • Shoes might take time to deliver, depending on the shipper used by the seller.
  • Some sellers might not offer a refund on a poor shoe that you’ve purchased (Rarely)

There are no risks associated with buying shoes from Dhgate. The only risk is if the shoes you receive are of poor quality. Out of 20 purchases I have made, 3 shoes were of bad quality but that was an exception and not the norm.

Why Buy Shoes from DHgate?

There are many reasons why you should buy shoes from DHgate and China. People around the world choose to import shoes from DHgate and this is mainly because of four key reasons.

  • Shoes on DHgate are Affordable – First and foremost, shoes that are sold on DHgate are at the lowest price you’ll ever find them at. They are manufactured in China where raw materials are readily available and labor is cheap. Branded replicas cost no more than $100 while cheaper quality sneakers are priced within $20 – $50 which is quite reasonable considering the quality of the finished products.
  • You can purchase shoes and sneakers in bulk on DHgate – DHgate is also a hub where you can purchase shoes and sneakers in bulk. Sellers here deal in wholesale goods and the final price you end up paying depends on the number of sneakers or shoes you buy. Most of the sellers have 0 MOQ, but in order to receive discounts on your orders, you must pick up a certain number of pairs which will be mentioned on the product page on DHgate.
  • There’s a large variety to choose from – It’s also a good idea to shop for shoes on DHgate because there’s a large variety of different kinds of shoes available. Here you can find sandals, leather shoes, heels, wedges, sports shoes, flats, hiking shoes, wedding shoes, kids shoes and even shoes for babies and toddlers. While most of the shoes here are generic models, you can get your hands on a couple of amazing replicas like Jordans, Balenciaga, Tom Ford and more for a fraction of the original price.  
  • Shoes are made from high quality materials – Since shoes are made in China where raw materials are in abundance, nearly 90% of the shoes listed on DHgate have been made from high quality materials like genuine leather, sheepskin, canvas, and even high-grade PVC rubber. These shoes are made to last and thanks to the high level of craftsmanship, they are amazing to look at and comfortable to wear.

Is it safe to buy shoes from Dhgate?

Yes, it is safe to buy shoes from Dhgate. All of the shoes I have bought from there were 100% genuine and met my expectations. However, always do your research before making a purchase as there are potential scams out there that you may fall victim to.

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