We Tried the Best 6 AliExpress Cycling Bib Shorts & Jerseys

by Tim Howard

Cycling is my escape from the concrete jungle and I’ve grown fond of long-distance and off-road cycling with my group of friends on weekends. I’ve definitely built up the stamina for it over time but have always had issues with my inner thighs getting chaffed as I was using my normal pair of spandex which I use for running that did help reduce friction but wasn’t absorbing enough sweat.

I needed an affordable option that did the job without compromising on the material and finish. I checked some brands online and wow these things aren’t cheap, I remembered a friend suggesting to check out some of the options on Aliexpress that he felt did the job for him.

To my amazement I found some really neat bib shorts at throw away prices that provided the same material and design from the brand selling at four times the price. 

So I decided to short list a couple of bib shorts for you that I found were really worth it. Let’s get started with the Best AliExpress Bib Shorts.

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19D Gel Pad ALiexpress

Cycling Jerseys

Best Aliexpress Cycling Jerseys


Spexcel Classic Bib Shorts with 4D Gel Pad

The Spexcel Classic Bib Shorts are perfect for your first buy for beginners as they are made from a mixture of lycra, polyester and acrylic material that reduces friction and is made breathable to avoid friction even further. The thigh grippers are made of high quality Italy IEG fabric that helps prevent the bib from rolling up while peddling. The Bib also comes with a 4D gel pad for your feet that helps maintain posture and reduces fatigue when cycling for long distances. 

Key Features

  • Made from a combination of high-quality polyamide, lycra and spandex with Italy MITI which is industry standard for professional long-distance cycling.  
  • 4D gel pad for posture support and heel fatigue reduction.
  • Breathable design and material making it easy to reduce heat inside the bib and also allows further reduction of friction.
  • Comes in seven free sizes.
  • Eco-friendly 

Check it out here!

Spexcel Long Travel Bib Shorts

This edition of bib shorts from Spexcel is a perfect upgrade from the classic bib shorts that offers a comfortable fit for long-distance cycling on the saddle. It is made from a combination of high-quality nylon, spandex and lycra that reduces friction and promotes material breathability. 

Leg pockets are provided with a secure stretch closure to keep your cell phone or GPS that comes in quite handy. Back pockets are also provided to forego the usual jersey with reflective stripes positioned correctly to offer maximum rider visibility on road. 

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A high-density pad is added to the crotch section that helps provide comfort while hitting those long distances. 

Key Features

  • Leg pockets that have a secure stretch closure are provided to keep GPS or cell phones.
  • Back pockets are provided to remove the need for a usual jersey
  • Reflective stripes on both legs and back provide visibility on the road.
  • High-density pad for crotch support tested for long-distance comfort.
  • Light material provides a comfortable fit for saddle comfort. 

Check it out here!

Jikego H011 Cycling Bib Shorts

Here is an excellent bib short that comes in for less than 30$ making it an excellent choice for the value of money. The material is made from a combination of polyamide and spandex split into three panels for maximum breathability and friction reduction. 

The main panel is designed with a four-way elasticity fabric that is closely knit for maximum supportive stretch. To prevent friction and sores from stitching seams on the skin 4N6S flat stitching is done. 

H011 padding is done to provide support for the crotch that is made of high tenacity foam with laser punching for an anatomic fit and 3D moisture management that further improves breathability. 

The straps of the bib shorts are made of an elastic fabric that provides stability and excellent comfort. The other panels around the upper thighs have breathable membranes that allow moisture vapours to escape keeping the area cool. 

Reflective patches are imprinted on the hem for road visibility with an elasticized compression band gripper that holds the hem in place. 

Key Features

  • The material is made of polyamide and spandex.
  • Four-way elastic fabric for maximum stretch.
  • 4N6S flat stitching for friction reduction and sore prevention.
  • H011 padding is made with high tenacity foam and 3D moisture management for maximum breathability.
  • Breathable membranes on the upper highs offer vents for moisture to escape.
  • Reflective patches for visibility on road. 

Check it out here!

SWIFTOFO Elastic Interface PARIS HP Men Pad Cycling Bib Shorts

The Swiftofo Paris Cycling Bib Shorts is designed for professionals who can use these bib shorts for both on-road and off-road activities. The central channel is designed around the male anatomy and is engineered to specific anthropometric measurements that support you when you’re on the saddle. 

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It puts together the benefits of a smooth anti-friction surface with multidirectional curvature that work hand in hand to increase saddle stability. 

There are perforations made on the surface of the bib shorts that provide better air permeability that keeps the skin cool and reduces the accumulation of moisture.   

An ECO carbonium flash top fabric is used to combine a special channel structure with natural antistatic and bacteriostatic properties that greatly help reduce friction and static caused while peddling. 

The recycled polyamide is used in the channel structure making it extremely soft and helps collect and remove moisture. 

Key Features

  • Ultra-high density inserts are used in perineal and ischiatic areas that make the bib shorts ideal for both on-road and off-road biking.
  • The central channel is made to support the male anatomy while pedalling on the saddle that helps relieve pressure on the crotch and prostate.
  • The bib shorts combine multi-directional curvature with a smooth surface that helps increase saddle stability.
  • Perforation is made on the surface of the shorts for maximum airflow that help reduce skin temperature.
  • Eco-friendly rapid-drying material. 

Check it out here!

Cheji Coolmax Bib Shorts

The Coolmax from Cheji stands out for its value for money and is an excellent choice if you’re looking to try a new brand. 

The unique design takes the perfect shape of your body keeping it tight and attractive. 

The overall design is meant to follow the body lines of a professional cyclist with a fashionable design. Lycra mesh is used for the bib straps to keep your shoulders dry and fatigue-free. 

A seamless well-padded antibacterial channel provides an excellent fit while keeping it hygienic. 

Key Features

  • Made from high-quality Lycra and spandex for maximum breathability and anti-friction.
  • Unique design and art-making it stylish and attractive. 
  • Extra padded channel for making saddle comfort and antibacterial pad keeping it extra hygienic.
  • Available in seven colours and 7 sizes.

Check it out here!

Santic Cycling Bib Shorts Men Pro

Here is another multifunctional bib shorts that can be used for both long-distance, MTB and gyming. The whole bib is made of high-quality polyester and spandex with the straps made of breathable spandex reducing fatigue on the shoulders. 

The pad is made of an elastic sponge that provides excellent cushioning for the prostate reducing fatigue. The tip of the pad is lengthened and widened to offer extra comfort while pedalling on the saddle. Overall this is a great choice if you are cycling on both road and MTB.

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Key Features

  • The material used is made from a combination of polyester and spandex making it breathable keeping the skin temperature low and cool. 
  • The high elasticity of the material reduces friction allowing the cyclist to go the extra mile. 
  • The straps are made of comfortable elastic that grips the shoulders without causing too much pressure on them.
  • Eco-friendly.

Check it out here!

Raudax Neon Bib Shorts

Raudax is known for making high quality printed jerseys, this is their first bib shorts that are available for dirt cheap and provides decent results making it worth the money. They assure 100 % top quality lycra and polyester is used to make the bib shorts breathable with UV protection. 

The material feels light and dries very quickly with the side of the bib having a mesh texture offering maximum ventilation. A Coolmax 19D Gel pad offers excellent comfort and support for the prostate area making it one of the best gel pads at this price range. 

An anti-slip belt offers excellent grip around the waist giving it a sporty look and feel when wearing it. 

Key Features

  • Made from high-quality polyester and lycra making it breathable with reduced friction.
  • 19D Gel Pad offers excellent prostate support and reduces fatigue while pedalling on the saddle.
  • Mesh ventilation on the sides for maximum cooling. 
  • An anti-slip belt and super elastic fabric offer a tight and attractive look. 
  • Eco-Friendly

Check it out here!

These are my top selects from AliExpress Bib Shorts that are truly worth checking out. For fast delivery and info, please check with the seller listed in the link provided for a hassle-free transaction.

What are cycling bib shorts?

Cycling bib shorts are a type of clothing specifically designed to be worn while cycling. They offer protection from the sun, rain, and wind, as well as provide coverage for your thighs and buttocks. These shorts also have grippy sides that help you keep traction when riding uphill or on slippery surfaces.

What are AliExpress bib shorts made from?

AliExpress bib shorts are made from a number of different materials, but the most common types are made from Lycra or spandex. These materials help to keep cyclists comfortable and secure while they ride, as well as provide enhanced ventilation and protection from sweat and wetness.

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