Where is Pottery Barn Furniture Made 2023? 

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Pottery Barn is a renowned American home furnishings retailer and e-commerce company that offers upscale furniture designs through over 200+ locations in 60+ countries, including Mexico, the US, Canada, and Australia.

But have you ever wondered “Where is Pottery Barn Furniture Made?

In short, Pottery Barn furniture is made in the USA, specifically San Francisco and North Carolina.. The brand does not have any secondary manufacturing facility located outside of the U.S. However, they do import some products from other countries to meet the demand.

Where is Pottery Barn Furniture Made?

Where is Pottery Barn Furniture Made

Most Pottery Barn furniture is made in the United States. They have a large manufacturing plant located outside Hickory, North Carolina.

Skilled artisans work in this facility to cut and sew fabric and apply details like nailheads by hand. 

Where is Pottery Barn Furniture Made
Mahogany Woof

While manufacturing, Pottery Barn primarily uses materials such as Mahogany wood, engineered wood, kiln-dried woods, medium-density fiber wood, reclaimed wood, organic cotton, synthetic fabrics, and natural linen.

Is Pottery Barn an American company?

Where is Pottery Barn Furniture Made

Yes, Pottery Barn is an American company that was co-founded by Paul Secon in 1949. 

Initially established in West Chelsea, Manhattan, the company grew over the years and was eventually acquired by Williams-Sonoma Inc. 

in 1986. Since then, Pottery Barn has remained a subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma Inc., which is a publicly-traded American retail company.

Are Pottery Barn products made in China?

Where is Pottery Barn Furniture Made

No, Pottery Barn products are not made in China. The company ensures that its premium furniture items are completely made in the USA. 

They have a manufacturing plant located in North Carolina where they produce their furniture. 

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While some materials may be imported from countries like Vietnam for assembly, Pottery Barn’s furniture is primarily crafted in the USA.

How much does Pottery Barn furniture cost?

Where is Pottery Barn Furniture Made

Pottery Barn furniture typically comes with a high-end price tag. For example, their sofas can range from $500 to $10,000, depending on the design and features. 

On the other hand, the bedroom collection tends to be more affordable. Rugs’ prices can vary significantly based on size and area, with some ranging from $25 to $25,000+.

Where can I buy Pottery Barn furniture?

Pottery Barn furniture is widely available in over 200 locations in the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and more. 

You can find their retail stores in various markets. Additionally, their products are also available on online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba.com, and their official website.

This gives customers the convenience of shopping online and getting their desired items delivered to their doorstep.

If you’re residing in the U.S, then here’s some of the stores you can visit;

Store Name and AddressPhone Number & Store TimingService Options
Alameda, CA, USA+1 510-521-1478 / 9 AM – 6 PMIn-store shopping, Curbside pickup, delivery
Northborough, MA, USA+1 508-351-2992 / 10 AM- 8 PMSame
West Covins, CA, USA+1 626-858-3141 / 10 AM-8 PMSame
Goodyear, AZ, USA+1 623-925-0941 / 10 AM-8 PMSame
Joliet, IL, USA+1 815-254-6863 / 10 AM-7 PMSame
Arvin, CA, USA+1 661-858-2083 / 10 AM-8 PMNo in-store shopping
Essendon Fields VIC, Australia+61 3 951 0104 / 10 AM-5 PMIn-store shopping, Curbside pickup, delivery
Moreno Valley, CA, USA+1 951-242-1490 / 10 AM-8 PMSame
Arlington, TX, USA+1 817-419-2697 / 10 AM-8 PMSame
Birch Run, MI, USA+1 989-624-6092 / 10 AM-8 PMSame
Lancaster, PA, USA+1 717-496-9100 / 10 AM-8 PMSame
Dawsonville, GA, USA+1 76-216-6456 / 11 AM-8 PMSame
Riverhead, NY, USA+1 631-369-7699 / 10 AM-8 PMSame
Fenton, MO, USA+1 636-326-6456 / 10 AM-8 PMSame
Jeffersonville, OH, USA+1 740-948-2004 / 10 AM-8 PMSame
Gaffney, SC, USA+1 864-206-0117 / 10 AM-8 PMSame
Webster, TX, USA+1 281-316-8895 / 10 AM-8 PMSame
Fredericksburg, VA, USA+1 540-786-1522 / 10 AM-7 PMSame
San Marcos, TX, USA+1 512-805-1002 / 10 AM-8 PMSame
Memphis, TN, USA+1 901-818-9770 / 10 AM-7 PMSame

Who manufactures the Pottery Barn sofa?

Where is Pottery Barn Furniture Made

When it comes to crafting the exquisite Pottery Barn sofas, skilled artisans take center stage at their North Carolina-based manufacturing plant. 

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These craftsmen pour their expertise into every detail, using high-quality materials like engineered hardwood frames. 

It is this dedication to exceptional craftsmanship that results in exclusive and stylish furniture pieces that adorn countless homes across the country.

In the bustling factory, each step of the manufacturing process is meticulously executed. From selecting the finest materials to handcrafting every sofa, Pottery Barn ensures that each piece meets its stringent quality standards. 

The artisans’ attention to detail shines through, as they meticulously cut, sew, and assemble the sofas, creating comfortable and visually stunning pieces that customers adore.

Who owns Pottery Barn furniture?

Where is Pottery Barn Furniture Made

In 2023 Pottery Barn furniture is owned by Williams-Sonoma, Inc. The acquisition of Pottery Barn took place back in 1986, and since then, Williams-Sonoma has been responsible for managing and operating the brand. 

Williams-Sonoma is a publicly-traded company and holds the reins to several home furnishing brands, with Pottery Barn being one of their prized subsidiaries.

Under Williams-Sonoma’s guidance, Pottery Barn has grown from strength to strength, maintaining its reputation for delivering premium-quality and stylish furniture to customers worldwide. 

The parent company’s expertise in the retail industry has undoubtedly played a significant role in Pottery Barn’s continued success as a beloved home furnishings retailer.

Is Pottery Barn furniture ethically made?

Where is Pottery Barn Furniture Made

Ethics and integrity lie at the heart of Pottery Barn’s manufacturing practices. The company takes great pride in ensuring that its furniture is ethically made from start to finish. 

In their North Carolina manufacturing plant, they provide a sound and healthy working environment for their laborers, prioritizing their well-being and safety.

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Moreover, Pottery Barn ensures that its skilled artisans are compensated fairly and receive timely payments, fostering a positive and motivated workforce. 

This commitment to ethical manufacturing is a testament to Pottery Barn’s dedication to maintaining a reputable brand and building lasting trust with its customers.

Does Pottery Barn make furniture in an eco-friendly way?

Pottery Barn has made strides in sustainability and eco-friendliness. 

Their relentless efforts in this realm earned them a coveted spot on Barron’s list of the top one hundred most sustainable American companies for the fifth consecutive year in 2023.

To reduce their environmental footprint, Pottery Barn has embraced eco-friendly practices throughout their production process.

They utilize sustainable materials and incorporate non-toxic chemicals in their furniture production, ensuring a healthier living environment for customers.

Their commitment to sustainability is further reinforced by their Greenguard Gold Certificate, which recognizes their low-emission and environmentally friendly furniture offerings. 

By striving to be an eco-friendly home furnishing company, Pottery Barn not only leads by example but also sets a new standard for environmental responsibility within the industry.


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