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by Tim Howard
best chinese espresso machine

If you love the smell of the morning brew, you very likely are a massive coffee lover. 

But you don’t have to run to the closest Starbucks to get the best cup of joe, you could make one from the comfort of your home at a fraction of the price. 

When people think of coffee machines, they think of the super expensive Italian espresso machines. 

Those are great, but they are too bulk, too complicated and too expensive. There’s a new kid in the block when it comes to Espresso machines and that is Chinese Espresso Machines.

These are state of the art machines that come at a fraction of the price and can make a brew that’ll blow your mind. 

I’ve picked out just a few Chinese Espresso machines that are available on Amazon, Aliexpress and Alibaba. 

Chinese Coffee Machines on AliexpressPrice
BioloMix 20$120 on Aliexpress
Biolomix 3 in 1$127 on Aliexpress
Sonifer Electric Espresso Machine$207 on Aliexpress
Zhengzhou Espresso Machine$451 on Aliexpress
Double Head Commercial Espresso Machine$125 on Aliexpress
Barsetta Capuccino MachineView on Amazon
Sowtech Espresso MachineView on Amazon
De’Longhi DianamicaView on Amazon
Mr Coffee Espresso MachineView on Amazon

Best Chinese Espresso Machine

Biolomix 20 

Best Chinese Espresso Machine on Aliexpress

Chinese espresso machine

If you are new to Chinese espresso machines, then you might not have heard of Biolomix 20. It’s an under $200 Chinese espresso machine. 

It’s the best selling espresso machine on Aliexpress. If you love the frothy coffee, then you’ll love this. It has a 20-bar pressure pump which will give you the thick frothy coffee. 20-bar is the standard pressure required for making a capuccino. 

It is semi-automatic and you can make a range of beverages such as Espresso, Cappuccino, Tea and Hot Chocolate.

The frothing technology makes the milk froth for cappuccino and latte. Now you do see a massive difference when you just ask for milk and the consistency of the milk in a cappuccino from this device.

It has a 1.6 liter capacity water tank with a transparent look that’ll let you know the water levels. It weighs about 3.6 kgs and that is very light for an espresso machine.

There are a few downsides and that is, the machine takes a bit of time to warm up and you’ll need to make a test batch, before you brew a good batch.

It’s got a steam wand for steaming milk. The one touch, touch screen buttons help make the beverage of your choice with a single touch. 

Overall, one of my favourite picks for an Espresso machine. 

Check it out on Aliexpress

Biolomix 3 in 1 

best 3 in 1 chinese espresso machine

Biolomix also makes a 3 in 1 espresso machine. This Chinese coffee machine costs $137. Firstly this has a 19-bar pressure pump, which is not too bad compared to the 20-bar pump.

This 3 in 1 coffee machine works seamlessly with the capsules of Nespresso, Ground Coffee or Dolce Gusto. It has customized adapters for each. 

It’s super compact compared to other espresso machines and will fit in a kitchen of any size without taking up too much space.

It’s got a touch button for making any beverage of your choice and it automatically powers off after 15 minutes of non-use. In about 25 seconds, the water reaches boiling point which is super quick. 

The water tank capacity is tad less at 600 ml. Each cup’s quantity can be customized based on your needs.

It does not have a milk steaming wand. 

Check it out on Aliexpress

Sonifer Electric Espresso Coffee Machine 

Sonifer’s Chinese Espresso machine is another under $200 coffee machine that has a 1.6 liter tank capacity. 

The two main beverages that can be made with this machine are Cappuccino and Espresso. The 15 bar high pressure gives it a frothy finish.

It’s got a safety valve that releases the pressure. The whole machine is made of Aluminum, it’s strong and sturdy.

It’s versatile in the sense, it can be used with Coffee pods or ground coffee powder. The steam wand can be controlled with a steam controller to give the perfect level of froth.

The components it has are a double stainless steel filter, removable foaming nozzle, three switches for coffee making and production of steam and a power on button.

They have a solid 15 day return policy. 

Check it out on Aliexpress

Zhengzhou Commercial Espresso Machine

Best Chinese Espresso Machine on Alibaba

alibaba espresso machine from china

Although Alibaba is a wholesaler, the Chinese Espresso machines from Alibaba can be bought individually. Alibaba is known for one type of espresso machine and that is the commercial espresso machine that you see at Starbucks, but available at a much lower price.

Zhengzhou’s coffee machine costs about $700. This is a beast of a coffee machine, which generally retails north of $3000. 

It’s made of stainless steel and has 3000 W of power and 220V. This is meant for both home and commercial use.

It weighs about 25 kgs. It works on hydraulic pressure and has a 6 liter tank capacity. The steam generator and the coffee brewing are separate. 

It has a dedicated steam nozzle for making the foaming, frothy coffee. This is one of the best espresso machines that one can buy at a very reasonable price. 

Check it out on Aliexpress

Double Head Commercial Espresso Machine

double head coffee machine from china

If you are looking to get the best of the best at a reasonable price, then this $2050 unit from Alibaba fits the bill. There are a lot of expensive coffee machines like the Franke Evolution and Clover that cost north of $5000. 

It costs that much because of the quality of the output. With this CE certified double head espresso machine, China is able to manufacture a high-end coffee machine at a fraction of the price sold by the big retail brands.

This unit can be used at a hotel or a coffee shop. It weighs 54 kilograms and is made of stainless steel. Although it is a Chinese espresso machine, some parts are imported from Italy, as they have the best.

The 12 liter capacity coffee cup can make 120 cups of coffee in an hour. The coffee machine can make Espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate and other popular beverages. 

Check it out on Aliexpress

Barsetto Capuccino Machine

Best Chinese Espresso Machine on Amazon

best chinese espresso machine from china

I never knew Amazon would have such amazing coffee machines when I went looking for a coffee machine online. Some of these Italian sounding machines are actually Chinese espresso machines and one of them is the Barsetto Cappuccino machine costing around $129. 

This tiny machine packs quite a punch and can generate 1100 W of power to generate 15 bars of pressure which is perfect for coffee making.

The material is made of plastic on the outside and the insides and the frothing wand are made of stainless steel.

It’s got a dual temp control which ensures that the milk and the water can be at different temperatures.

One of my favourite features about this unit is the temperature gauge display. For a new coffee aficionado, you’ll be able to see the pressure generated and can prepare your brew to perfection.

It’s got a 1.6 liter water tank capacity. You can make matchas, lattes, cappucinos and more with this dream machine. 

Check it out on Amazon

Sowtech Espresso Machine

cheap chinese coffee machine

I’ll issue a fair bit of warning. Budget espresso machines are not always great. At $56 the Sowtech is cheap, but it’s definitely great which is a surprise considering the price.

It’s the best selling espresso machine on Amazon hands down. At 3.5 bar, it’s not at the professional level and it’s good for a quick cup of joe in the morning. It’s super tiny and can fit in a kitchen of any size.

It’s made of plastic and stainless steel on the inside. You can make one to four cups of coffee in one shot. 

For such a small machine, it does have a frothing arm, to get that kickass effect. Unlike the other coffee machines, this can only make espressos and nothing else! Still good enough!

Check it out on Amazon

De’Longhi Dinamica

Chinese capuccino machine

There are these coffee machines that are too expensive and over-professional for most people. On the other hand there are these super cheap espresso machines which can’t brew high quality coffee.

And there’s the coffee machines in between and those are my favourite. This one from De’Longhi is the perfect for a household. 

The Dinamica automatic coffee machine costs $799. It’s one of those rare coffee machines that can make Iced Coffee as well. 

It has a 15-bar pressure to make the perfect brew. It takes less than 40 seconds to truly heat up. It’s got an adjustable steel burr grinder and that has over 13 settings to get the roast of your choice.

Can make a Cappuccino, Latte and more. The milk frother can give the right consistency.

The touch buttons also ensure single touch beverages!

Check it out on Amazon

Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine 

Mr coffee espresso machine

Another mid-range Chinese coffee espresso machine is the Mr. Coffee unit. At $218, it’s not too expensive and not too cheap either.

It’s a semi-auto, 3 in 1 coffee maker. Can make lattes, espressos and cappuccinos as well. It’s got 15 bars of pump and the automatic milk frother, gets your milk nice and frothy to give you the barista level expertise.

It generates 1040 watts of power. It’s got a touch control panel for one touch neberages. The heating cycles are quick and you can get a good quality cup of joe in no time.

Check it out on Amazon

Are Chinese Espresso machines good? Buying Guide

Espresso machines aren’t cheap. China also has a reputation of making fakes. So there are a few replicas of Slayer and Kees going around. The truth is, you DON”T need them. Chinese espresso machines are really good by themselves.

Check out this brand called Hibrew, which is Chinese. It has some of the highest ratings.

But there is a guide you need to follow

Price decides the quality : Cheap with high rating doesn’t mean the highest quality. If you are a coffee aficionado and love a premium brew, then you need to go for the higher end versions like Devisib. The premium coffee machines are semi-automatic, they have grinders and can make high quality cappucino and lattes.

Capsule options : Most sellers have the details of the Nespresso capsules and it’s uses. But there are some complaints where the capsule use has led to leakages. So the tip here is, if you are buying a coffee machine with the capsule option, check the reviews for leaks!

Types of machine: There are essentially 4 types of espresso machines for example: manual, electric, semi automatic and super automatic. A semi-automatic one is a great option as it controls pump, ground pressure and the amount of coffee. If you’re super busy then opt for the super automatic machine where all you have to do is put your cup below the spout. 

Pressurisation: There are two types of pressurisation: steam-powered and pump powered. Steam powered one is cheaper but pump powered one has manageable temperature and is quite consistent. You can also change the setting while your coffee is brewing in the latter one. 

Steam Wands: Look for steam wands when buying an espresso machine. This will let you steam the espresso at the right temperature. 

Electronic Display: Many machines have a single temperature gauge display but that won’t tell you about the pressure and the time taken to pull off a shot. Hence, an espresso machine with an electronic display is much more convenient as you can make changes through the electronic display to make you the perfect espresso. 

Are DeLonghi coffee machines made in China?

DeLonghi co-owns 2 factories in two of the Chinese provinces where some of the machines are made. There are a few that are also made in Italy. China factories look after the product quality and operational efficiency as well. 

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